Wednesday, February 28
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny



Three of North Side’s finest posted to the gloom of Atlee HS this morning to continue our mission of planting shovel flags in Mechanicsville.  It was a small crowd, but we didnt let that stop us:

Warmup run over to bus lot at CMS




Copperhead Squats




11’s Derkins + Incline Prom Dates

Pullups X5 Chinups X5 Wide Pullups X5


-Heels to Heaven

-Jump around the World


Human Steeplechase:

Round 1:  Two men plank 10 feet apart,  the last man hurdles two plankers, then planks.  Leap frog the length of soccer field.

Round 2:  Two men plank 10 feet apart, last man goes under two plankers, then planks.  Leap frog the width of soccer field.

Round 3:   Same as above, but over/under, width of soccer field.

Mosey to shovel flag, two Minutes of Mary:  Flutter Kicks, Dying Cockroaches



Small group this morning, YHC is really surprised at how hard it is to get folks out at 5:30 in the morning.  No matter, the guys that show up are quality individuals and their continued posting is testament that things will pick up in the near future.

Abacus is non-stop, YHC tries to keep up with him, but he has got an engine.  He flew through 11’s and then some.  He also has several men in a serious EH as we speak, making YHC feel better about the future of DaVille.

*****Comment deleted to protect the guilty********

Baggage Claim and Abacus made Q look like a chump during the pullups.  Abacus threw YHC a bone when he complained about the wide hands pullups.  YHC was the only one needing assistance to complete said task.

Baggage Claim’s birth name is Joe, making it very difficult to call him by his F3 name.  YHC is going to start referring to him as “Bags”.

Thanks for the inspiration this morning, gentlemen!

Lab Rat




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    Nice work Lab Rat. Maybe some potential PAX are scared of doing IPDs on school property