Thursday, December 8
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Tabatas for the LOML’s Birthday


Eight redwoods posted at #Punisher this morning for Tabata (a/k/a “Chiabatta”) gloom. YHC arrived a few short minutes before 0530, planted a shovel flag, and commenced the Q. This is how it went down, more or less:

COP near SF:
30x SSH
10x Merkins
20x Don Quiotes
20x Imperial Walkers
20x Hillbillies

Mosey to south corner of parking lot near Laburnum Ave. for COP:
25x long slow squats
Chiabatta Merkins

Mosey to wooded lawn southeast of school:
Chiabatta Squats

Mosey to end wall on south wing of school:
Chiabatta Wall Kicks

Mosey to grassy area near south wing of school:
Chiabatta Alternating Single Leg Alabama Prom Dates

Mosey to small soccer field on northeast quadrant of AO:
Chiabatta Alternating Bearcrawls / Crawlbears

Chiabatta Alternating Side-plank Dips

Chiabatta Alternating Crabwalks / Walkcrabs

Mosey back to SF.

COT (Bleeder with prayer)


Tabatas are my LOML’s favorite workout. Her upcoming birthday inspired me to throw out the unbroken set of Chiabattas.

I crossed town this morning to workout with the city-dwellers. It was good to see folks that I had not seen in a while. Although the new AO’s are great, they do spread us around.

Apparently, people find my Hillbillies entertaining. It is good to be gifted at something. Thank you DNA!

I was too busy trying to keep the Tabata timing on track to pay much attention to this morning’s mumble chatter or to who excelled. I did note that 3 or 4 on the PAX are playing in a golf tournament today. Good luck with that! (My hope is to never swing another goof club). I also noted that Bleeder continues to possess a super-human ability to bearcrawl.

Great job this morning!


PS — Who has Q at #NoToll tomorrow? Viral?

1 Peter 3:8


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  1. Lab Rat has Q at DaVille in the morning. My Van Buren Boys brutha (EF Hutton) has the Southie Q.


  2. I may have made a mistake, I was looking at the signup sheet when i wrote that. It might have been from 2 weeks ago. My bad. I am going to erase it so somebody else can sign up.

    Or, everybody can come to Daville…guaranteed Q there.

  3. Thanks for signing me up Lab Rat. I guess that’s how we VBBs do it. Since someone has to do it, might as well be me. By the way, I just signed you up for all future SOTs.