Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

KBAPDs are not that bad


9 Redwoods gathered around the shovelflag for F3 RVAs most popular kettlebell workout. A beautiful full moon shone above as the beatdown went down like this:

Farmers Carry around the loop

COP – 25 SSH, 10 Merkins, 20 LBCs, 15 DQs, 25 KB Swings. Halos x20, each side

Lunge length of parking lot with KB. Lunge back while doing side crunch.

Farmer Mosey to grass for WWII situp escalator – do KB press at top, starting at 1 and increase press up to 10 reps.

Triple Check, add KB arm extension on People’s chair.

Farmer mosey to parking lot for Musical bells- bear crawl around circle, stop at weight you are in front of for exercise. There was an open space for 10 burpees

20 Halos each way, 25 tri curls, 25 Bi curls. Farmers Mosey to grass for Suns Out, Guns Out- Bi and Tri curls AmRap.

20 KBAPD (Kettlebell Alabama Prom Dates), Finish with 10 KB American Hammers IC.

COT – Attila took is out.

NM – Good turnout for week 3 of CM. YHC has been nervous about a KBQ, especially since Johnsonvile and Earthworm set the bar high. Regrets to Earthworm for all the ambulatory activity with and without weights.

The lunges with the KB were tough for that length. In retrospect that was a long distance to lunge.

Fudd requests music for the AO as the PAX does not move much. That is not a bad idea as long as the music is Iggy Pop, not Azalea.

The KBAPDs were well received, YHC had demo’ed this at home but was unsure of the mumblechatter that would arise. It really depends on how you place the weight on your midsection,for instructions ask DK. American Hammers with the KB were awful, YHC could barely muster up a 3 count for the IC.

In honor of Earth Day 6 of the PAX paired up to carpool in, somewhere Wedding Singer is smiling.

Announcements – F3 Roanoke is launching this weekend. EH guys you know in the star city. Good times at HDHH last night, thanks Flashdance!


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  1. Those lunges were tough. Also, musical bells is a great way to increase the PAX bear crawl speed, at least to get past the Burpee station. Kudos to DK, Splinter and Honey Do for taking those for the PAX. Another strong CM beatdown. Nice work.

  2. Honey Do RVA on

    Feeling those lunges this morning. Who knew adding a KB could make them infinitely more painful.

  3. Wow that sounds like a workout from hell, not surprised honey do. I remember the FNG that would not get up from your no toll beat down. I think you scared him away.

  4. On the other note your comment hit me about the young father that ended his life. We need to always be on the lookout for sad clown disease, I know this could have been exactly what he needed. B/c if you won’t quit on the F3 battlefield than you wont quit on the battlefield of life.