Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny



10 dedicated runners set out to complete Richmond F3’s newest Tuesday AO: Spider Run.

The Thang:

Head out down the abandoned road next to CCV and come out at the shopping center. Cross the Huguenot Bridge and take the Riverside Drive exit. Head west upstream to Cherokee Rd and come about to return to the VSF.

Total Miles: 5.3*

*Additional mileage for Lockjaw, Saab, Fudd who ran to and from the AO, Swirly and Saab for their search and rescue mission.

Wow, where do we start with today’s backblast.

Fudd shows up with a swollen hand from a wasp sting reminiscent of the Woody Harrelson’s prosthetic in the Farrelly brother’s classic “Kingpin”. Wasp sting or bowling accident; one cannot determine.

YHC had two routes in mind and left it up to Pax to determine their fate. The first route was very detailed on three posted notes worth of direction with a copy to be left with the lead pack. With Saab wondering how to read on the run and Fudd approaching a stroke from that many directions, we went with the other route. We will visit the primary route with advance marking at a future date.

The run was awesome today. When crossing the bridge, we could see the lights of No Toll off in the distance as we pondered what our F3 brothers were up to in the gloom. The path along the river was serene and peaceful with the sounds of the river and birds welcoming the new day. Sunrise accompanied us on our return crossing of the bridge.

The Pax all made it back to the AO, except for TYA. His whereabouts unknown, Saab and Swirly doubled back with certainty that ill fortune awaited since TYA never gets lost. TYA later emerges from the second story of the commons building and rejoins the Pax. How he not only got misdirected on an out and back course but also entered a building and came out of the second story is still unknown.

YHC took us out.


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  1. If Fudd ever shows up in the dark with a swollen “hang,” I’m running the other direction. And TYA, no words, that’s just classic. Really wish I could have made this one, boys.

  2. THE Yankee Aggressor on

    Great route this am. Definately missed BTs flashing red light to lead my way. Much easier to navigate with the red light in the distance.

    As far as the building is concerned, just stopped in to the commons building to grab a quick bite to eat before the COT. That’s my story and I’m sticking with it. Alternatively, maybe I was somehow drawn back towards sorority row. No one will ever know for sure. You make the call

  3. What can I say? Running gets me excited. Even when my arm is swollen to twice its normal size. Missed you out there BT. There weren’t enough people giving me grief…..

  4. Fudd – let’s just keep it to the arm ok. Enjoyed chatting with Spotter and now-named Singlet…talking about ultra’s and what have you. Next time I get genuinely worried about TYA I’ll just remind myself he likely is somewhere just smelling the roses – be they adjacent to the sorority houses or not.

  5. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    Enjoyed the run Lockjaw- good route – I felt it this morning though – wow…
    Fudd has elephantiasis of the arm from that be sting – looked to be a bit better today – he was in full force @ WDOG…

  6. Döner Kebab on

    Next time after crossing the bridge, head East down river on Riverside, cross Rattlesnake creek, take a Rt onto Stratford Rd, take a left at the fork on Custis Rd and you’ll find the boyhood home of DK. Joe & MoJo are still there and would happily pour you a bowl of bran flakes for breakfast.