Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Hello #CircusMaximus; Hello Kettlebell Gloom


Seven of the faithful gathered on the north side of Mills Godwin High School in the West End of Richmond on a drizzly, but otherwise comfortable morning with kettlebells in hand. Johnsonville took the inaugural Q at #CircusMaximus, and this is what went down, more or less:

Start in grass near SF:
Slaughter starter (20x burpees OYO) (regular)
Kettlebell mosey (i.e., farmer walk with single kettlebell held overhead with one arm) around bus loop.

Return to pavement near SF for COP:
12x merkins (regular)
12x kettlebell sit and press
15x kettlebell squats
15x plank dips (regular)
15x kettlebell standing rows

Kettlebell mosey to north side of bus loop for COP:
40x Carolia drydock OYO (regular)
20x double handed kettlebell swing
10x kettlebell back lunge (right leg)
10x kettlebell back lunge (right leg)
15x scapula merkins (regular)

Triple play (kettlebell variation) –
Group in teams of three with each member rotating through 1 of 3 stations in sequence. The runner drives the rotation sequence. Stations are:
1. Kettlbell electric slide (formerly “bob and weave” renamed by Honey Do in accordance with F3 regulations)
2. Kneeling kettlebell row off curb (alternating between arms)
3. Run circus maximus (regular at brisk pace)
Rinse and repeat 2x after first.

Kettlebell mosey to pillars near school building for COP:
20x mountain climbers (regular; very slow at first increasing in cadence after 10x)
40x alternating single arm kettlebell swings OYO
10x roundabout (pass kettlebell around body), clockwise
10x roundabout, counterclockwise

Mary sequence:
10x single leg Alabama prom dates, right (regular)
10x single leg Alabama prom dates, left (regular)
20x Alabama prom dates, both legs down (regular)
20x flutter kicks (regular)
20x Freddie Mercury (regular)

Kettlebell mosey to SF


The objectives this morning were (i) to introduce people to basic (and safe) kettlebell exercises, (ii) to work in more familiar bootcamp-style exercises, and (iii) to prevent injury. I heard some heavy breathing, and did not hear any complaints of injury. Thus, I believe that all objectives were met and that the AO has successfully been launched.

DK and Rosie had pushed through a burpee ladder at #SOT yesterday, and they were not happy about this morning’s slaughter starter.

Earthworm seems to take to a kettlebell workout like a fish takes to water. He pushed far ahead of the PAX on the initial kettlebell mosey while holding the weight strong and high. The only time he got bogged down was when he had to run the bus loop without the kettlebell in hand.

Rosie appeared strong throughout the workout, pushing the run pace on the Triple Play and showing excellent form on the kettlebell electric slides and back lunges.

We are looking forward to developing this workout and figuring out new variations of kettlebell exercises. Please sign up to Q for this workout (and others). F3Richmond needs your leadership and your creative ideas!

Also, please headlock West Enders and let them know about free workouts happening in their back yards. #NoExcuses. These workouts can change lives.



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  1. Döner Kebab on

    Great inaugural workout, Jville. I’m already feeling like I used muscles I don’t normally use. Good work, PAX.
    Why does this BB say that it was authored by Double Naught? Jville, are you living 2 F3 lives and not telling us…like that you missed SOT yesterday because you were Qing a workout in Anderson, SC?

  2. Honey Do RVA on

    Great kickoff to the new AO Jville. My entire upper body is sore but my back feels fine – sign of a great KB beatdown.

  3. THE Yankee Aggressor on

    Great job guys. Another successful launch!!! Welcome to double aught. Who else posted jville?

  4. Johnsonville on

    That is really glitchy — it was tagged and showed the PAX on my system at all times.

  5. Honey Do RVA on

    Dk, Jville is trying to stay off the grud, haven’t you seen the Ted Cruz bumper sticker! Now the man knows where he’ll be… and in the same week that Conspiracy Kotters.

  6. I’m really sorry I missed this, the first Spider Run and the first W Dog. This work thing is really taking away from my F3 posts. I would love to take a Q in a couple of weeks. Great idea and thanks for getting it going.

  7. Johnsonville on

    We would love to have you Q (although I am a bit scared already). Rosie gets credit for the idea.

  8. Great first Q at #CircusMaximus Jville. The intro to kettlebells was a good idea. Looking forward to exploring more of the Circus AO in future posts.

  9. Congrats on your first kettlebell workout, F3 Richmond. Hopefully you “enjoyed” it and will stick with it. YHC is a big fan.

    If you’re looking for KB exercise/workout ideas, I’d recommend you check out some of the backblasts for Foxhole, Skunkworks, Olympus and Meathead in South Charlotte (Area 51) or Diamond Head or Combine in Charlotte Metro. I know there are other gear sites in other regions as well, but those are the ones I’m most familiar with. Also feel free to reach out to me over Twitter. I’m no expert, but happy to help where I can.

    Good luck with the bells,

    Voodoo (Area 51)