Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

If you say Burpee, I’ll kill you


Snakes in the Garden!

3 strong PAX fought the April frost warnings and assembled for a cold beatdown at Source of Truth. It went down like this:


Mosey a full lap around bus loop to grassy/bald knoll above bus loop

COP: 25 SSH, 15 Hillbillies, 15 Don Quixote, 15 Plank Dips, 15 Heels to Heaven (OYO)

Mosey a half lap around bus loop to school entrance on bus loop

Jacob’s Ladder – Escalator: 1 to 7 to 1 burpees at top; bear crawl every odd ascent up hill

30 second update on 14 hour race @ Daytona

Mosey to basketball courts behind school

Super Swift Creek Beast: run width of 4 basketball courts, stop at each bball pole, perform 5 exercises, touch end line, run back and repeat
Dealer’s choice: WWII (Rosie), Squat Jumps (Lug Nut), Merkins (YHC), 2 count Freddie’s (Rosie), Monkey Humpers (Lug Nut)

COP: 25 LBCs, 15 Alabama Prom Dates, 10 Box Cutters, 10 Box Cutters (opposite direction of first 10)

Mosey to shovel flag

10 burpees


Number-rama & Name-o-rama were brisk & Rosie took us out


With the inaugural WDog workout today, YHC was not sure who he’d see at SOT. He had already left Johnsville in bed after light pillow talk after a rough night’s sleep. Lug Nut & Rosie never fail to disappoint! F the Fartsack.

Lug Nut threatened to EH some of the bus drivers. Not sure what’s stopping him.

Lug Nut (Daytona) & Rosie (The Masters practice round) had both returned from a fun excursion away…so YHC wanted to be sure to ease them back into the saddle. Hope it wasn’t too aggressive.

That being said, when YHC asked Rosie for the first Dealer’s Choice exercise in the Super Swift Creek Beast, he did say the title of this BB.

YHC shared the story that one of his neighbors reported seeing a coyote in the neighborhood yesterday around 9am. It was reported to the home owner’s association…and it made the paper:
M DK received a house call from WTVR this morning to inquire if she wanted to share her story regarding the coyote. Fearing that she’d call attention to our 10 chickens, 4 of whom are squatting illegally, she declined.

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  1. A round of burpees didn’t cross my mind after Jacobs ladder. I’ve got my kettlebell ready to go too.