Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

#NoToll — EF Hutton with the Rope-A-Dope


Six veterans posted on this windy, unseasonably cold, spring (winter?) morning to taste the gloom. Johnsonville was leading, and this is how it went down (more or less):

Mosey short distance under a light.
Slaughter starter (20 burpees OYO).

Mosey near gate by fields for COP.
10x scapula merkins (hat tip Wedding Singer)
20x Don Quiote
15x plank dips

Mosey to near corner of soccer parking lot.
Foursquare around parking lot, which consisted of the following:
sprint leg 1, mosey legs 2-4;
sprint legs 1-2, mosey legs 3-4;
sprint legs 1-3, mosey leg 4; and
sprint leg 1-4.

30x standing mountain climber
10x Richard Kimball (var. on Turkish get-up — hat tip Honey Do)

Mosey to tennis courts. Line up on sideline for OYO sequences laterally across 2 tennis courts (hat tip Earthworm):
bunny hop
4x backward run
single leg hop
single leg side hop
COP: 12x Merkins
bunny hop
4x karaoke
10x thrusts against fence
single leg hop
single leg side hop
endurance bearcrawl back and forth to failure
bunny hop
endurance feet-first crab walk to failure
COP: DK ran some Mary for those waiting for others to finish

Mosey to near corner of soccer parking lot.
Foursquare around parking lot (see details above).


This was the first Tuesday workout since the big 2016 F3Richmond expansion, and #NoToll and the Tuesday pax is now split among 3 AOs. The numbers were lower, but the fellowship and the effort were strong.

It rained fairly heavily last night, and we stayed off the Huguenot Park fields in order to prevent damage. We did reminisce about last year’s wet field workout right after they spread fertilizer (raw manure?) on those fields. Instead, YHC brought out a tennis court workout from Earthworm’s playbook. That sequence is a leg-burner, but we mixed in some other things to keep it interesting.

We had some fun with the bearcrawl and feet-first crabwalk endurance competitions. Honey Do pulled way out in front of the PAX on the bearcrawls. Everyone had dropped out other than he and EF Hutton, who was 3-4 tennis court widths behind and appeared to be slowing to a near stop. Honey Do gave out, perhaps before he had to, and we thought he had the win in the bag. EF Hutton plodded along, however, speeding up to a near bear crawl sprint as he passed the point where Honey Do had quit. That was, it seems, a lesson in how to lull your competition into underperforming.

YHC won the crabwalk endurance competition, with Honey Do again falling in 2nd place (always the bridesmaid, I suppose). YHC would feel entitled to some bragging rights if it were not for YHC’s pathetic showing on burpees (and anything slightly resembling the same).

The second round of foursquare on tired legs was a tough way to finish, but it should make us stronger.

REMINDER — With all of the new AOs, we need new leaders and we need lots of headlocks. Please sign up to Q, and spread your leadership around to the many AOs. If you have not Q’d before, ask a veteran leader to give you guidance and/or split a Q with you. Keep encouraging friends, colleagues, and strangers to come out and try one of our workouts.

Thoughts and prayers to Chum and his family. 2 Corinthians 1:3-4

— Johnsonville


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  1. Honey Do RVA on

    Nice beatdown Jville. I’d prefer the Richard Kimballs in the soggy field over doing them on the pavement, ouch! Looking forward to a bear crawl rematch now that I know Hutton’s game…

  2. It’s you against you, unless it’s you against me Honey Do. I started slower expecting the endurance crawl to go a bit longer. I didn’t actually know how far you’d gone, but could see the rest of the Pax was done and waiting, so I picked up the pace and dropped when I did. I could have gone longer, but how much? Guess we can find out another day. I wonder if I’ll get strange looks bear crawling on the treadmill at the gym.

    Thanks Jville, the bookend runs were a challenging way to start and end the beatdown.

  3. Johnsonville on

    I like taking away the leg power of the young guys and then seeing them try to motor!

  4. Honey Do RVA on

    I stopped out of pity for the pax. If we do a crawl off just be sure Bleeder isn’t there to put us to shame, he could go the whole 45 min…