Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Newton’s Beast


19 faithful arrived for a good morning workout in the gloom.

The thang – mosey around school for COT.

Disclaimer. SSH – 35 count,  Hand release merkin – 10 count,  Don Q – 15 count, Plank dips – 15 count

Mosey to tennis courts for warm up sprints – 80%, 90% 100%, 100%

Newton’s Beast – burpees, WWII situps, alternate bear crawls and runs on each section, alternate crawl bears and backwards run in sections, WWII situps, burpees

Ring of Fire – 20 merkins total, plank


Mosey to school for Triple Check – people’s chair, flutter kicks, run

Mary – American Hammers, Rosalitas, Freddie Mercury

Run around track loop back to flag


Good to be back in the saddle again boys after a good 6 month hiatus from Q’ing. Great showing by the PAX at Mary Mumford, always seems to attract the F3 Richmond folks by the masses. Special thanks to Marv for bringing us home with prayer, that guy can really bring the gospel.

YHC was quite surprised to find out the field was closed from BT, thankful I got a heads up before lining up at the trees. A beast can take place just about anywhere though. This particular modified beast, properly known as Newton’s Beast, was brought to you by Isaac Newton’s famous quote ‘what goes up must come down’. Sometimes knowing what is coming next is worse than not knowing, especially when it involves more burpees.

Lots of announcements recently of other workout locations being opened – Tuesday runs near UR and Mechanicsville, Wednesday at Dogpile and Thursdays in west end. Let’s get out there and show some support.

Thanks to YHC’s nephews, Chicken and The Egg, for joining and leading the charge today, and Babyback who joined from North Carolina.



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  1. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    Good Q Singer – glad to have you back in the mix bro.. Nice return of the beast too… Tclaps to your nephews for posting ! Thanks for joining us this morning Babyback…
    See y’all in the gloom…

  2. Döner Kebab on

    Nice Q, Singer. I was toast after the Beast. Shoot, I was toast after the hand release merkins. Strong showing by Chicken…and The Egg!

  3. Honey Do RVA on

    Great Q Wedding Singer! And handling 2 young pax along the way, fatherhood suits you well.

  4. Multiple burpee sets in a Beast always gasses me. I had Chicken, or The Egg, in my sights, but no dice in catching them.5 Well done, Singer, and great to have you back.

  5. At first I was relieved when we began the Beast with Burpees, figuring it could only get easier from their. Several backwards bear-crawls later I was sorely proven wrong.

    Good Q man.