Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Fire Drill


5 strong escaped the fartsack this morning to brave the cool spring air at Source of Truth.   This is how it went:


Mosey to the front of the school for warm-a-rama.

25 x SSH IC, 1 burpee

10 x Arm circles each direction IC, 2 burpees

10 x DQ IC, 4 burpees

20 IW IC, 8 burpees

On the mosey through the parking lot toward the basketball courts stop for a quick Parking Space Tracer.  Continue to the basketball courts for Elevens.  Use the corners of each of the 4 courts for each set, sideline to baseline across the courts.

Round 1. Merkins/Richard Simmons, lunge on the baselines of the courts.

Round 2.  Monkey humpers/hello dollies, bear crawl the baselines.

Mosey to the front of the school and split into 2 groups.   Group 1 does an exercise while Group 2 takes a lap around the lot.  Balls to the wall, box cutters, squat jumps.

Mosey to the grass in front of the school for what YHC called a Fire Drill.  Circle up.  Fast feet until one pax says “Fire”, all stop, drop, roll to one side,  do a merkin, roll the other way, another merkin, back up to fast feet.  Rotate “Fire” call through PAX twice.

Back to flag for Mary.

Flutter kicks, Alabama prom dates, American hammers, LBC.



-Tclaps to Lab Rat for the “corporate challenge” this week, hitting an AO everyday for the past week and completing it this morning with the long hike to SOT.

-It was good to see that Bleeder’s knee does not affect his bear crawl speed as he left the rest of the PAX in the dust in Round 2 of the elevens.

-The Fire Drill was a question mark coming in but seemed to be appreciated and according to the PAX we may see that come up again.


-Spring has sprouted multiple new AOs around RVA. Tuesday am – Daville is up and running strong, SpiderRun kicked off yesterday to positive reviews and will apparently be great BRR training.  Wednesday and Thursday next week kick off WDog and CircusMaximus.  Bring your own kettlebell and block each week to CircusMaximus on Thursdays at Godwin unless otherwise instructed.

Thoughts and prayers with Chum Bucket and his family.

Burn after reading,



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  1. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    Nice Q Rosie – loved the fire drill I see that coming back…Also my ab’s are smoked from the Richard Simmons ..
    Tclaps LabRat – way to represent bro – Corporate see’s you!
    Yep Bleeder smoked us all once again on the bear crawls – he bear crawls as fast as most people run…
    Best wishes to LugNut – Bleeder – Ricky Bobby and the rest of the crew as they head down to Daytona for a race..
    You are in our thoughts and prayers Chum.

  2. Honey Do RVA on

    Was under the impression the Corp Challenge was for calendar week Mon – Sun with the trail run as the finish. Not to be a stickler but… Congrats Lab Rat on completing the “Tiger Slam” of Corp Challenge!

  3. No typo, I burned thru a roll of quarters going down and back. A solid Q by Rosie made it worth the drive, but I won’t be making a habit if it.

    Much love to chum bucket and family.

  4. Great Q Rosie, I was smoked at the end, my fire drill was more of smoke inhalation drill. Chum prayers for you and your family.