Wednesday, February 28
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Get Your Spider Hill On


In what could be a record setting day in the history of the Richmond F3, five guys met up in the new gloom of The University of Richmond campus for what, rumor has it, was the area’s third F3 AO of the morning to go for a 5:30 campus job.

A plucky couple of homebodies who had no internal desire to cross any rivers or even Broad Street brainstormed about 2 1/2 miles in to the Munford run on Friday that another run on Tuesday might be in order.  Biblically speaking, where there is more than one, God is there too…and the same more or less holds true for an AO, where there is more than one F3 guy, there is a workout.

Five runners showed up and it was a home meet for Saab as he pulled a Sippy and ran from his house to the starting location.  Off everyone went into the quiet brick laden streets of the school who’s basketball team hasn’t been to the NCAA Tournament since 2011 (sorry, I couldn’t resist).  Maybe, just maybe, Chris Mooney should have his guys do more campus jogs as the hills tested the intestinal fortitude of all five us us.  You give Trey Davis or Terry Allen a 5:30 wake up call and then 45 minutes with Richmond’s best 50 year old runner (Saab) and maybe things end differently in his senior year.

Either way, 45 minutes and 5.2 miles later the group met back by the lake, only to find a gaggle of SEAL Team folks trying to crab walk up a steep embankment.  It took all four guys to restrain Swirly from showing them how to crab walk and to this moment we’re still not sure if Swirly didn’t just take over their workout as the four of us left him there on his own as he stared at both men and Tomatoes alike trying to use all fours to go up the grassy knoll.

After all is said and done, the group agreed that the Tuesday run at the UofR (pronounced The YOU of R as opposed to “the u of ARE” …again, still needling here) will continue for the forseeable future.

God Speed Guys and we’ll see you either tomorrow at the all new W Dog or Thursday at Munford.

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  1. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    Excellent BB Marv!
    Yes this needs to be on the Tues schedule for sure…
    Tclaps to Bleeder – running those hills this morning – atta baby way to push it…
    Yeah I sat there and watched those fools from the seal team try and bear crawl / crab walk up and down that hill and it about killed me.. Way to many folks for this so called seal leader – form was horrible half the people were on their knees when they were supposed to be planking – and just think these idiots are paying for this…. I wanted to scream – dudes come to F3 is free – we will hold you accountable – we will teach you- lead you- support you- and you will feel empowered to work towards making yourself better everyday all while being a part of a team… OK I’m finished now but seriously – I’m terrible at bear crawls and crab walks and I could have smoked them all even after running the hills this morning. If Bleeder/ TYA/ Honeydo would have shown them how it’s supposed to be done they all would have hung their heads in shame….
    F3 V Seal team – coming soon to an AO near you!!!

  2. Nice VCU spun BackBlast MARV! Saab, great route today, glad I looked at it before posting, I know Swirly was glad I had glanced at it, Thanks for hanging back with me Swirly. Although my Knee is causing me to have sloth like pace for the first couple of miles, I am still amazed that Off Shore, Marv and Saab could run 5.2 miles in the time it took me to run 3.2. Way to cook those Seals today, RVA F3 Style!

  3. Thanks Marv for the rundown and shout-out. Thoughts of you Bleeder as I sit here wishing I had an ice pack to place upon MY aching knee.

    Many thanks to you all for making the trek to Gryffindor. Way to light it up there Swirly. Perhaps in the future we can finish with a few drills and thereby demonstrate F3 superiority. (If we can get BT there in his 70’s TYA costume, this may lead them to believe we ARE “co-ed”).

  4. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    Yep very thankful you took a look at that map Bleeder..
    Thanks for the encouragement LabRat – you bet I will buddy…

  5. TYA costume, check. That run sounds good and terrible. Nice work, boys! I have to admit that I considered doing the run, but my ankle screamed at me to make the trek to NoToll. I will be there soon!

  6. The only thing harder than keeping up with Marv and Saab is having to run faster than them to catch up! Way to push it up the hills today!

  7. If I was a betting man I would put my money on swirly to lead a beat down the the seal team.