Wednesday, February 28
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Back to the hills


16 faithful runners and 5 gear heads showed up on a beautiful spring morning. Weather was perfect, 70 and sunny.

The Thang

All take a right onto Grove and run to The Boulevard, turn around and run to Malvern. Turn around at Malvern, run down the hill to Hamilton and Back. Keep looping the hill until the Q says its time to go back to the shovel flag.

Naked Moleskin

Time to start prepping for the Blue Ridge Relay. We have been getting some miles in, but other than Sunday trail runs and Love Hill we have hit very few hills. So time to use what we can on Friday’s and get the legs in shape. So we did hill repeats on the Malvern hill. Several PAX afterwards (and during the next several days) that their legs were a bit sore. Mission accomplished. Just need to bang on the hills for another 5+ months and we may be ready for the BRR. Worst case, the hill repeats will make our normal running a bit faster.

Directions were very clear on route today. Including the direction that I would let everyone know when to head back to the shovel flag. Despite that, I was asked numerous times if it were time to go back. As legs got tired the question became more frequent. Finally at 6:10, as planned, I let everyone know it was time to head back. Only PAX that I know about who did not follow directions was Saab, who decided to take an extra lap and still almost beat YHC back to the flag. He and Swirly turned the jets on the way back home and we close to a sprint when arriving back.


MM running club starting monday 4/4 330 pm to 430 PM. Let me know if you are available. Should be a fun time.

BRR coming up in September. Sign up with TYA. It is a blast. All plans are made and we just need to get into shape now.

American Society for Suicide Prevention golf tournament is coming up in April (or May) Ask Fudd for details. Two F3 foursomes already signed up.

Many new Ao’s coming on line soon. Great job all. Keep EHing folks to fill up our new venues.



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  1. THE Yankee Aggressor on

    Great job brothers. Awesome run. The PAX gets faster and faster everyweek. Impressive.

  2. Count Lab Rat in on MM running club. I will show up in appropriate length running shorts.

  3. I admit it was nice not having to tally the number of loops since I invariably lose count every time. Enjoyed getting to know Spotter. The extra loop was really just a demonstration of my poor ability to follow instructions.

    Saab (otherwise) abides