Wednesday, February 28
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

The Gym Rat Experiment


Seven hearty souls took a break from March Madness to come start their morning off right at #Punisher.  Lab Rat forgot to recover his new shovel flag from Saab since he forgot it last time he planted it, so it was a VSF kind of morning.





X16 IC DQ (sweet 16 for the UVA alum)

Arm circles little/big forward/backward

X15 IC merkins


Mosey to corner for couples therapy 4 corners around the campus:

X25 Derkins (partner holds legs)

X25 leg tosses

X25 shoulder presses (using partner’s legs)

X25 leg tosses

Fireman carry back to corner

Suicide squats- To make up for lack of fireman carry, Pax performed 1 suicide on the blacktop, doing X5 deep squats each time back to starting line.

Curb Crawl Lab Rat style:  Together as a group, bear crawl to curb, X10 merkins, side crawl to right 10 steps, X10 merkins, crawl bear back, X10 merkins, side crawl to left, X10 merkins

Gym Rat

Line up on school wall and going to first tree:

-roll V-ups:  roll over, every time you face the sky, do a V-up.  Half way down (or when dizzy) roll the other way.

-inch worm:  YHC was informed these are called walk in walk out merkins.  Back up to the wall.

-Long jump burpees

plank walk back to wall

Ring of Fire (Rosey style)

-ring of Al Gore, first pax drops for X10 merkins, then holds plank.  Around the horn until back to first guy, X10 merkins back to Al Gore.

6 minutes of Mary (round robin style):

-Swirly called out cross leg lifts, X10 IC each side

-Bleeder called out Alabama Prom Dates, X20 IC

-Rosey finished us up with American  Hammer X20 IC



YHC took us out.


Bleeder and YHC were discussing degrees of tiredness and unmotivation while pax filed in.  Neither seemed ready to move, but one had signed up as Q.  There was some ribbing about YHC’s comment when Grizzly pulled in, making it a prime number, thus not compatible to either partners or triple checks.  In the end, once the blood got flowing, everybody got busy and put in what YHC thought of as a butt-kicker of a workout (at least YHC got in a good one).

Instructions on the couples therapy were to finish the last leg as a fireman’s carry switchorama, but that got missed, so we made up for the loss of legs work by 1 round of suicide squats.

Curb Crawl was an audible because:  YHC hates them, therefore they must be good.  Also the last time we did them with Doner Kebab at the helm, YHC thought the pax should do them synchronized.

Gym Rat was something YHC came up with watching the girls at gymnastics work out.  2 things:  9 year old girls that do gymnastics are much more graceful than old men.  Also, dizzyness was not accounted for when creating this maneuver.  Idiot Q forgot the last excersize, which should have been plank walk back to wall.

Great to see Horse and Buggy back for more!  Me thinks a good shortened name for him would be “Buggy”.


Thanks for posting, gentlemen.


Lab Rat


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  1. Nice work LabRat, solid beatdown to start the week. Rolling V-ups had the same dizzying effect of the rolling bear crawls tried once at NoToll.