Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

A Modified Swirly Q


8 strong posted @ Dogpile this morning and  this is how it went down – right after  we all talked about Michigan State and West Virginia going down – wow… March Madness baby!

Warm ups: Helicopters, EW, Windmills, SSH, RS

Pole Smoker Indian Run : 5 pole smokers while pax holds @ 6 inches run to the end of the line. Half way through this exercise  the 6 inches went to 90 degrees …20min of pole smokers.. Mossy to Amp theater ..

Incline Merkin Ladder – up the ladder 1 for each step 1-18..

Dips Ladder down – 1 for each step – 18-1…  Mossy to the pull up bars.

Pull up Station : 5 overhand, 5 underhand, 5 derkins, 5 dips – repeat 3 times… Mossy to the steps..

Steps: Bear crawl up – lunge across, run down, 10 WW11 sit ups – repeat 3 times.. Mossy to Circle..

Circle: Burpee shuffle – run in place until burpee is called out by a member of the pax – then 1 burpee and back to running in place..

Ring of Fire : 10 Merkins – 2 rounds.. Mossy to the Flag for Mary.

Mary: LBC’s, APD’s, Cross leg lifts each leg, American hammer..

So YHC modified this dang workout for HoneyDo out of respect for the fact that he is running in a half marathon tomorrow and wouldn’t you know it dude did not show up… (OH Hell Yeah this is going in the file)!  The pax had to swallow a large amount of pole smokers instead of running this morning – think they may have rather run by the sound of the grunts as we plowed through 20 minutes of those suckers.. HoneyDo you got some splaining to do……

While it was a light crowd this morning it was beautiful in the gloom @ dogpile.. and YHC is thankful for the guys who were able to make it this morning with the energy to  attack the day.

That had to be the most dangerous pole smoker Indian run ever…. Maybe the longest too….

The incline merkin and dip ladder got us nice and warm for the pull up station. Way to push it guys. I know I was giving it all I had on that last round of pull ups – wow my arms are smoked..

Bleeder still recovering from his knee injury was right there with the pax the whole time. Way to push it Bleeder so glad to see you without the bike all week (except for RAMMGEARS).. Glad that recovery is coming along well – dude does not give up – keeps pushing forward (that’s Corporate) fella’s..  While a good portion of the workout was modified as noted earlier there still was a good amount of space covered @ dogpile mostly in mossy form . BT coming off a bum ankle after Splinters 2 on 2 midnight basketball tournament benefited from this.. BT has a nice new special sock from fleet feet to help with the ankle and that seemed to work well for him – way to battle through and comeback strong BT!

Excellent job by all today guys – way to push it… And welcome back Kotter (Garbage Plate) great to have to back with us this morning..

Announcements : Right at the start of announcements the pax heard a (Hi Roger)… Not really although we did hear a Hi Matt come from an fairly young attractive runner. Nobody could figure out who the heck Matt was until Sippy said oh hi… And we all stopped and looked towards Sippy Cup ?? Sippy sheepishly said what? That’s my wife;s friend – seriously it is….. Well played Sippy!

Flash Dance has the Q for April HDHH @ Elwood’s stay tuned…

WDOG – Wed @ Dogpile begins April 6 5:30… April Q slots are filled so if your interested in a Wed Q @ WDOG sign up today…

Oyster took us out with a nice prayer..



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  1. Great beat down, thank you Honey Do for the requested modified Q, the limited running was welcoming for the knee recovery!

  2. Sorry for missing this am, my son’s scouting trip prep caused me to miss. This looks brutal and know i know why BT gave me the evil eye when I saw him this morning at lacrosse practice.

  3. I was giving you the evil eye because you had donut crumbs on your chin;) Fartsnacking, maybe? Ha! But seriously, that incline merkin ladder smokes me every time. Great beat down and good luck in the half, HoneyDo!

  4. Great beat down, my body is feeling sore by the hour. Thanks swirly, that’s a fun way to start the weekend.

  5. Missed you gents as well as the expected Swirly-beatdown. Was on my feet all day in Norfolk (for what little that is worth). Look forward to the W-Dog (damn…going to miss the inaugural since out of town… will fill my paperwork in triplicate to Corporate.) Will commit to Q in next open slot(s).

    Saab out…hitting the trail-run tomorrow…weather should be “perfect.”

  6. Way to push us Swirly. I was expecting maybe 3 rounds or so of the pole smokers/6 inches. It was closer to 20, I think!? Serious pain. I was actually glad to do the pole smokers as a break from the 6 inches.

  7. I had a nasty flu virus on Sunday but I didn’t realize what it was b/c swirly’s beat down. It was hard to know the difference b/t the two.