Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Coupon Monday or, How to Prevent Lab Rat from Squeaking


Eight souls ventured out for a gloomy Coupon Monday.  Two 25s and one friendly cinderblock (aka. coupons) joined us through all phases of the workout, and the PAX was thankful for their attendance.  Here’s what the coupons did:

Mosey to the basketball court for welcome and blah blah blah.  Warmup COP

Mosey to playground area for 10 high/low merkins, 8 pull-ups, and 15 froggers: repeato x3

Mosey back to basketball court for coupon fun.  Round 1: suicide with coupons, 15 secs AYG merkins, 15 burpees

Round 2: suicide with coupons, 15 secs AYG merkins, 20 flutter kicks

Round 3: suicide with coupons, 15 secs AYG merkins, 10-2 count little man jumping jacks (a real crowd pleaser)

Round 4: suicide with coupons, 15 secs AYG merkins, 20-2 count dry docks

Mosey back to flag for coupon races:

Round 1: Divide into two teams of 4, coupon holder completes 12 shoulder presses while the PAX holds a squat and pass down the line: repeato x4

Round 2: coupon holder completes 20 flutter kicks while holding coupon above head while the PAX holds a high plank and pass down the line: repeato x3

Circle up for 20 American Hammers, 20 fast cadence SSH, and 10 Little Man SSH

NMM: It should be noted that most of this workout came from Nashville when YHC was fortunate enough to post down there.  It was also an experiment to see what it would take to reduce some of the mumble chatter commented on recently.  The speaking was almost non-existent till YHC noted it, and then it was pretty much back to normal.  YHC should have never mentioned it!

YHC also tried looking Fudd in the eye, repeating the count of the first circuit three times, and repeating it once more as we started.  He asked again how many rotations we were doing somewhere in the middle.  YHC is open to ideas.., maybe a whiteboard with the workout we can put around his neck?  Maybe fish oil supplements to help the memory?

PSA:  One of our members recently posted in NC and was questioned about his plank form.  Look at every F3 workout as a chance to get better at this.  It’s also heading towards swimsuit season, and we all need to tighten the cage a bit.

A special welcome back to Bleeder who went through a very unfriendly knee workout for his first time back running with the PAX.  Strong work!

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  1. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    Way to step up and lead this morning Togo – solid workout ! Those mini jumping jacks suck – the inside of my left knee is throbbing…
    Way to push it Bleeder – dude didn’t sit out and pout when he was injured he rode his bike and plowed through it everyday – I think that is an excellent model for us all – think about this next time you consider rolling back over in your fartsack..

  2. Call me out in the title, I feel like I should defend myself….I’ll just own it and say that was a beatdown for real. I miss the dodgeball Toga.

  3. I hear you Lab Rat….I miss the Dodgeball Toga as well. I think maybe that was just a one time thing but I’d like to see an Encore appearance. The Mayor of Grumpsville is definitely back with a vengeance. Today’s workout did suck big time. In my defense to the above insults from Grumpy McGrumpenstein, I was thinking bad thoughts about whoever invented those little man jumping jacks when the Q was going over the directions for the first circuit. Or maybe I just wasn’t listening because it was Toga

  4. Great Workout Toga, The Knee survived the first day back, taking it easy with the Coupons. Although a game of Dodgeball would have been interesting; I’m sure throwing coupons at each other would have been perfectly safe.