Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Novacaine and Heaps of Pain at GridIron


Six of the Faithful and one FNG posted on a very comfortable morning at #GridIron, F3Richmond’s late-morning Saturday workout. Johnsonville planted a VSF and took the Q. This is how it went down, more or less:

COP in parking lot: 25x ssh, 25x Don Quiotes, 20x slow squats, 25x imperial walkers

Mosey to volleyball court for COP: 25x Rosalitas, 15x merkins, 25x hillbillies

Mosey to grassy knoll by old schoolhouse: 10 minutes of burpees

Mosey to upper field near school entrance (above track) for a Beast, including the following:
– 6×6 Carolina dry docks
– 6×6 LBCs (doubles)
– 6×6 var. on Turkish get-ups (drop with elbows on the ground, roll over, get up without hands)
– 6×6 squats
– 6×6 Alabama prom dates
– 6×6 merkins

Mosey down to football field within the track. Chiabatta bear-crawls / crawl-bears

Mosey to bleachers. Finish with OYO dips.

Announcements. COT

Moleskin — Welcome FNG Novacaine. Novacaine is originally from Charlotte, but his posted not knowing anyone in F3Richond due to the urging of friends in Columbia, SC. Novacaine is a fit guy, and we hope that he found the workout sufficiently challenging. Because we had to bolt right after the workout to get to a church cleanup, I did not get Novacaine’s contact info. PLEASE GET THAT FROM HIM IF/WHEN HE POSTS AGAIN SO WE CAN GET HIM A WEB SITE LOGIN!

White Deer has been on injured reserve for 3 weeks or so due to a medical procedure. We are glad to have him back. He was surprisingly strong after laying off for 3 weeks.

We revisited the grassy knoll for the first time in many months. Last summmer at #gridiron, we used the grassy knoll for 10 minutes of burpees almost every week. We fell out of that routine for a while, but the weather is warming and it feels like a good time to bring the grassy knoll out back into use.

Jolly Rancher seemed to handle the bear-crawls / crawl-bears very well. During that Chiabatta, however, White Deer started yelling at Jolly Rancher and trying to catch him. I am not sure if he succeeded or not, but the commotion did make for inspiring fun.

There are discussions about the feasibility of a new Thursday 0530 workout in the west end (Mills Godwin). We have 2 committed to the Q rotation during the expansion period, and we are looking for 1-2 more to commit to the rotation. Please contact me (flbiggs@kbbplc.com) with your candid thoughts on the possible expansion (whether pro or con).

Have a great week F3Richmond. Johnsonville


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  1. Modified Turkish get-ups…could this be another sighting of the dreaded Richard Kimble?!? Honey Do!

    10 minutes of burpees sounds painful

  2. Honey Do RVA on

    10 min of burpees, glad I didn’t double dip yesterday. Gotta get ready for that fun

  3. Johnsonville on

    Yes… the Richard Kimble. It is hard to do 36 of those in the middle of a beast!