Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

GOAL!!!!! at #The Punisher


10 Faithful and 1 FNG posted on a perfect morning for a beatdown at #ThePunisher.  Here is how it went down.

Mosey to side of school for COP.

SSHx25, Don Quixotex25, Front Arm Circlesx25, Backward Arm Circlesx25

Mosey to BBALL Courts-Suicide followed by 5 Burpees (repeat x 3) Plank when complete

Mosey to far corner of school property.  Run around entire perimeter of property with ab exercises at each corner. Corner 1 (LBCsx25,) Corner 2 (Flutterkicks 2 countx25), Corner 3 (WWII situps x 25), Corner 4 (Freddie Mercury 2 count x 25)  Finish at BBALL court with planks. Right hand high, Left hand High, 5 merkins.

Mosey to Playground for Merkin/Dip Ladder-20 dips/10 merkins, 15 dips/15 merkins, 10 dips/20 merkins.

Mosey to soccer field for Bear crawl vs Crab Walk half court soccer game.  Divide into two teams of Bear Crawl and Crab Walk.  Bear crawl team gets ball and midfield and crab walk is on defense.  Teams switch when a goal is scored or when QIC decides.  Play for 15 minutes.

Mosey to far corner of school property to repeat running the perimeter with the same exercises as the first round.  Plank at BBALL courts when finished. Right Hand High, Left hand high, 5 merkins.

Mosey back to Shovel Flag.  Lunges half way across parking lot to light and back. Plank when finished, right hand high, left hand high, 5 merkins.

COT.  YHC took us out in prayer.

YHC was planning for a beatdown that worked all the muscle groups this am.  Running, abs, arms, chest.  Mission Accomplished.  Man, we really crammed a lot of exercises into the beatdown this am!!!  YHC is still feeling the bear crawls and crab walks.  As Toga got out of his car, he noticed YHC bouncing a soccer ball and mentioned that he did not see YHC’s trailer and exclaimed “Circle K workout sans tractor tire”.  As YHC does not want to be labeled a one trick pony, YHC decided to mix it up a little.  Rest assured, the Tractor Tire will make a return.  Lab Rat and Mr. Rodgers climbed out the clown car as we were completing the COP.  LIFO???  Wait, Fudd rounded the corner just after, with his sunglasses on top of his stocking hat covered head.  Maybe Fudd thought the sun was coming over the horizon early.

Prior to the Bear Crawl vs Crab Walk soccer match, YHC said there were no rules, EXCEPT that you had to stay in your respective position.  With that being said, YHC started the match with a pass to Swirly, who then made a pass to Fudd, who promptly stood up and fired a beautiful 90mph+ pitch into the corner of the goal.  While Fudd did indeed show good form, the PAX quickly reminded him of the disclaimer YHC made prior to the game.  The highlight of the game was a pass from Toga to Grizzly, you channeled his inner Pele (only soccer player I could think of) with a perfectly placed header into the back of the net. Way to include another muscle group into the workout Grizzly.  Swirly declared the play was definitely a Sportscenter Top 10 highlight.  YHC agrees.

Welcome to Horse and Buggy (FNG), friend of Rosie.


Suicide prevention golf tournament at Willow Oaks-See Fudd

HDHH at DaVille, 3-16-16, 515pm for a short workout followed by 2nd F at LabRats place. First workout at DaVille planned for Tuesday 3-22-16.

Toga mentioned F3 expansion in Hampton Roads area in Mid May.  F3 RVA roadtrip/ participation details to follow.

Good work this morning gents.  Always proud to QIC with the men of F3 RVA.

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  1. I’ll take the heat on the late arrival. I was talking (insert “what’s new” heckle here) and flew on over to do some #45MOM. Mr. Rodgers was just a silent observer until we were on 195.

    Then we passed right on by Mr. Rodger’s car on the way home. 0-2 this morning.

  2. Oh yeah, nice beatdown/goodtimes this morning. I clocked 2 miles on the GPS as well for you 100 mile challenge guys.

  3. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    Great Q Circle K – I look forward to a game of bear crawl / crab walk soccer again soon.. Although my right leg has a nice strawberry from trying to dive for LabRats wide left pass – Almost – man that was close…. Grizzly is sure to be on ESPN top ten – what a header!
    See ya’ll in the gloom!