Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Nevermind, just follow Wilson…


A crew of 9 descended upon Dogwood Dell on a chilly Saturday for a mixed bag of beatdowns. This is what transpired

COT: DQ’s, SSH, Flutter Kicks, LBCs, Merkins

Carillon: Top to bottom…Merkins at top, WWIIs at bottom. Extended the distance at the bottom a bit to promote more running

Touch a Tree: Touch tree and perform exercise that corresponds with tree number. First round (trees 1-3) – Burpees. Second round (trees 4-6) – Merkins.

Amphitheater: Standing jump up to each tier with 3 squats between each. Descending: Gerkins (18 down to 1)

Up and down hill: Partner performs flutter kicks while other runs up hill and completes 3 burpees. 3 rounds.

Curb crawl: backwards and forwards curb crawl with 5 merkins/derkins on each curb while partner runs pipeline loop

Run to street light, 10 merkins, run to next light, etc…(4 stops total)

Indian Run from pump house all the way back to field. Finished with a few minutes of mary.

Wilson was in fine form again. Upon the first pause during instructions at the Carillon, he took off to gain his usual lead. Q had no choice but to end the instruction there and tell everyone to just follow Wilson. Instructions during touch a tree evolved into an extensive Q & A session (guess who). YHC can’t fully attest to what or how many exercises everyone performed at trees 4, 5, and 6.

At the Amphitheater, descending Derkins appeared to take the wind out of everyone – particularly Wilson…forcing several who were down-wind (YHC) to move more promptly to the next tier.

Most everyone seemed to agree that their pecs were smoked from all the merkins. YHC enjoyed the extended Indian Run from the pump house, up Love Hill, all the way back to the field. Way to push it Aisle 5!

We broke promptly. Splinter and Rosie were departing to double-dip (note Corporate Challenge…way to go gentlemen), while others had to adjourn for other family commitments…or rest one’s back on a heating pad (Saab). YHC reminded Mr Rogers that his handle is not long for this world (but it will NOT be Minotaur).

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  1. Sounds like a good beat down, bummed I couldn’t get out of the fartsack for the double dip today! Splinter and Rosie let us know about your Derkins, so they must have been memorable

  2. Thanks for turning my moobs into pecs today SAAB, by my count we did roughly 325 merkins of varying styles?

  3. Saab I always enjoy you Q’s! Way to push the PAX. To be clear it was not me questioning the direction on find a tree, it was clear as…- damn Fudd! Hope the back is feeing better!

  4. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    Well done guys – this looks like a great workout Saab – love the upper body work – sorry I missed it …. Atta baby Splinter and Rosie – Corporate sees you….