Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Trenches, Snow, Bikes…


3 Bikers and 13 non-gear folks arrived in a Snow covered AO. Here’s how the Gearheads hit it.

Departing MM heading into Windsor Farms towards the trenches, Going off-road to do some trench work, followed by a Carytown and Fan Tour, back to the Shovel Flag.


When looking at options for a snow filled morning, The Fat Tire bike seemed like a good choice; however, since no snow appeared to be actually sticking to the road, and the Trenches made for an interesting ride had there been more light, and YHC’s memory of riding through the trenches as a child actually seemed less intimidating; but as The Sheik eloquently said” You have got to be Kidding me!” with the first drop into the snow infested trail.

YHC was fighting the weight of the monstrous wheels for the latter part of the Ride, The Sheik and No Tools had very little issue riding their particular rides. Perhaps YHC should consider the use of helium in the tires. Clearly the Nitrogen isn’t doing the trick, after taking some wedge out, the bike does corner a tad bit more effectively; however, the centripetal force does give the impression the bike is making the Earth rotate off-axis while trying to execute a simple left or right turn.

No Tools continues to impress with his riding ability, always being on look out for the Motorized vehicle that would end a day poorly for any biker. Lights on bikes can only be but so effective. Thanks for looking out for us!

Various Announcements

Fudd is still looking for golf teams (and sponsors) for the charity he is coordinating to support suicide prevention. To that, TYA is looking for 4th man for his team…

Still have open slots for BRR (9 and 12 person teams). There will be a mountain house we’ll be renting for use afterward.

Lab Rat will be hosting the happy hour in Mechanicsville this month (following the new F3 AO he is coordinating!) Word is, if you get a couple beers in him, he drops his quiet demeanor and becomes a bit chatty.

Weight challenge and running-mileage challenge this month. Not too late to sign up for one or both.

Friday – Run/Gears around MM (don’t let a little frozen precipitation dissuade you)
Saturday – Saab Q for Dogpile, DK Q for GridIron (Looks like potential for a double-dip folks).
Sunday – Trail run (chip-away at those 100 miles, and/or prep for the BRR). Shorter routes are also an option for those not accustom to longer runs.


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