Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Virgin Q remix


After having caught enough flak for only Q’ing for runs, YHC decided to finally Q up a “real” workout.  Just to put an exclamation mark on it, he declared this would be a “NO-RUNNING” beat down.  YHC, Mr. Rogers, and FNG Tom (Sassy) fell out of the clown car early to find a shovel flag planted, weights already on the tailgate, and 4 smiling F3 regulars ready to roll.  Fudd, Rosie, Offshore and Circle K filed in to fill out the Pax, and we got to work.  It went down something like this:



Imperial Walker IC: X0 (stupid Q forgot)

Don Quixote (old man speed):  X20ish

Arm Circles IC:  10 little, 5 big, then repeato reverse  (fins up, fins down)

Merkin IC: X10


Mosey to the Swirly-mobile and pick out a weight:

Farmer’s carry- walk with the weight either overhead, chest level, or like a bucket 4 times around parking lot, switching sides each lap. Al Groh (Al Gore with a brain fart) with weight when finished.

Farmer’s carry back to the benches for some OYO intervals:

-right leg step ups X30

-incline prom dates X20

-left leg step ups X30

-full range release merkins X20

-goblet squats X20

Repeato, substitute 4-count American hammers (with weights) X20 for merkins

-Final set of American hammers to failure or 20 reps (4 count, of course)

Partner up for 2 sets of weighted merkins:  partner holds both weights on back, do merkins until failure, then switch.  Next set, remove one weight.

Farmer’s carry back around the parking lot one more time, swapping sides X4.

Gather around the SF.


Once we got started, there was very little mumblechatter, seemed like nobody knew what to expect from this oddball workout and new Q.  First lap, Fudd made a feels like a women’s group comment, but YHC thinks that the second loop took care of that sentiment.

Honey Do pointed out the eerie silence was most likely due to the fact that YHC was trying to make sure he didnt goof up the count, thus couldnt make totally pointless remarks.  Touche’

This morning was a bit of a blur to YHC, so he hopes that it went smoothly for the Pax.  a couple observations though:

-YHC never noticed how badass Splinter is…maybe the height is a disguise, or maybe YHC should pay more attention.  Way to get it done!

-Swirly just plain old works.  Pretty well documented, but DAMN.

Special thanks to Bleeder and Swirly for supplying the weights and the shovel flag.  Literally could not have done this workout without you!  Also, thanks for re-engaging YHC’s brain for nam-o-rama, he had checked out.

Also thanks to Honey Do for pushing the VQ (remix) on me last HDHH.  Next up, Viral???

To anyone that has ever Q’d:  RESPECT.  Yall make it look easy…it’s not.

Also, a big welcome to FNG Tom (Sassy).  He ran the Bear Creek 10 miler with us, and finally got him out for a workout.  Glad to have you, brother!

Newcomer Mr. Rogers came back out this morning as well (First post was Friday).  He is already securing a ride for 45 MOM.  Great to see more of DaVillagers making it out and getting in to the routine.


-Golf tournament for Suicide Prevention in April.  Please see Fudd for the details on this worthy cause!

-Circle K and I are hosting HDHH on March 16th.  We will shore up the details very soon and post up a pre-blast.

Please see pre-blast regarding weight loss challenge that popped up yesterday from Metro.  Bleeder is organizing this locally.








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  1. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    Good Q LabRat ! That 30 pound weight Splinter and I both chose felt like 300 pounds on that last lap raised above our heads… Wow..
    Splinter and Bleeder both were crushing that Russian Twist/American Hammer – way to push it fella’s… Props to my merkins with 50 pounds of weight partner Fudd – atta baby Fudd way to bang them out!
    Great way to start the day – excellent job pax. Welcome sassy and welcome back Mr. Rogers – Saab may be changing your name to Mr. Mcfee, after all of LabRat’s lobbying after Dogpile Sat morning – stay tuned on that – at least you know your Mr something..
    See y’all in the gloom….

  2. Glad to see Sassy finally make it out after hanging with the Pax at Bear Creek! Great beatdown Labrat. This was my first kettlebell workout in the gloom and it was tough. Now that you’ve q’ed Punisher all those RAMM Qs count retroactively…

  3. Great VQ. The no running and kettlebells were a surprise, well done. There was also a surprising lack of the “white noise” during the workout. I guess the Q kept the mumblechatter down with a heavy workload.

  4. Nice Q Lab Rat. Thanks for the kudos but I’m no badass. I just have a longer range of motion. I’m just glad I didn’t drop my weight on the nice Audi in the parking lot.

  5. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    Don’t you let him fool you labrat – Splinter is indeed a corporate badass – aye !

  6. Thanks for the kudos and the posting up this morning, gents. I’ll try to make up for the lack of chatter at Mary. There may be a song involved…

    Splinter, I guess thats like if someone asks you if you are a hero, you are required to say: “Me? nah..” I also dont think a longer range of motion is an asset in merkins.

  7. I have a new year’s resolution to hit every workout in 1 week. I bet Swirly and Rosie have already done that. Perhaps that should be called the “Corporate Challenge”.

  8. I have yet to hit a Sunday Trail run and missed it again this week. I’m prepping for a run at the “Corporate Challenge” this week, I will need the mileage for the 100 mile challenge.

  9. Sad to miss this one…mostly to heckle Lab Rat like he does to other Qs.
    Well done, Lab Rat!

  10. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    I love that resolution Splinter and hope all the pax that does not already join in everyday will incorporate that goal/ challenge into their daily routine …
    Those in the pax interested and willing to reach the corporate level – decide – commit – it’s a lifestyle – an attitude, and it’s not negotiable ….. FYI : corporate will allow one rest day a week for recovery time. Bonus points are received for special events and taking the Q @ workouts – these bonus points can be applied towards any absences during the week so that they will be considered excused.
    Remember fella’s – We become what we think about – first decide – then execute!
    See y’all in the gloom – aye!!

  11. Ha! Loved it. Actually meant to say anybody that counted in Spanish during COP got bonus points.