Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

We don’t really need a map do we…


A mix of runners and bikers showed up for a Friday workout from Mary Munford…

Route: All PAX travel West on Grove and then make a left on Oak Drive to Cary St, then make a slight hop over to HillCrest (TYA’s hood). Make a counter-clockwise loop through the neighborhood. 3 milers make 1 loop, 4 milers make 2 loops, etc. Return on same street (if one does not lose their way of course…)

With BRR in the distant future, and Lockjaw’s inspirational challenge for 100 miles next month, Q felt it was time to hit some hills in the MM neighborhood. That said, YHC preceded the workout by walking everyone through the directions. I enjoyed TYA’s response when I attempted to elaborate on the route through Hillcrest….”it’s just a friggen street” he said. (TYA has the gift of distilling the most elaborate of situations into concise poetic form.) So enough was said…It looked easy on the map so we ventured forth.

As Sippy, Offshore, and I rounded the “bottom” of Hillcrest, YHC was persuaded to go left instead of right. Not what I had mapped, but it was dark and I hadn’t been through the neighborhood, so I was not one to argue. After two rounds of what turned out to be an “inner loop” (i.e. what they had trained on for the BRR last summer), we doubled back and began looking for others who may have run astray (or perhaps run THE proper route…shout-out to Aisle 5 for doing so!). After seeing Lugnut and TYA, they had shared our wonder regarding where everyone had gone. In an attempt to further comb the neighborhood for strays and complete our run, Sippy brought us through what had to be the steepest street in the city and neighboring counties (awesome climb Sippy).

Anyway, looking at our watches we high-tailed it back to MM. YHC was in overdrive near the end just dreading the flack he was about to receive for the poor directions and planning.

In the end we welcomed two new FNG’s: Mr Rodgers (we need to work on that one), and Tool…(Started out as No-Tools, went to the singular No-Tool, then landed on just “Tool” per F3-Corporate review.)

Announcements: Sippy’s anniversary Q and beatdown at Dogwood Dell…this is one NOT to miss! Trail run on Sunday (TYA’s grand return to buttermilk trail). Lab Rat will be hosting a HH next month in Mechanicsville – workout and homebrew involved.

(Offshore…Saab expects to see you in your “Seinfeld” shoes next time…Saab doesn’t like disappointment.)

Saab out.


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  1. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    Excellent BB Saab ! And props to you for getting Corporate review and approval for the name in question.. Hey Welcome Tool and Mr. Rogers.. As far as the route – I got lost on Monument last year so what the hell do you think is going to happen in the dark in Windsor Farms… Happy to hear I was not alone in this – although I know Lockjaw and Wilson were following me – sorry for leading you astray fella’s but enjoyed running with y’all !
    See y’all in the gloom !

  2. Think I led a few off route today and I apologize for that. Good run though and I enjoyed the company from Lab Rat and Mr Rodgers (tbd?).

  3. Offshore can’t keep up with you and Sippy even in running shoes, so it will have to be for a beatdown. Thanks for reversing course several times so I could pretend to run with you, even if it meant running through your fart clouds twice.

  4. THE Yankee Aggressor on

    Loved the route. Saab, I cant believe you got lost. You had the map, plus it’s just a friggin street people!!!

  5. The run yesterday was tough. When Lock Jaw said the big hill was a soul crusher I about cried! Thank god he stuck back with me. I’d still be lost. Nice job fellas!