Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Cool, Comfortable, Bit o Mud


4 PAX embarked on the trail run today logging in various distances, trails, and start times. This is how it went down…

Course A: Travel across bridge to buttermilk trail, cross at Brown’s Island, then return on North-side.
Course B: Arrive and depart early, traverse the above route in reverse (Oyster)
Course C: Take a 2 or 3 mile course with man’s best friend (Flipper)

Offshore and Saab took off at the prescribed start time. Discussion immediately went to thoughts of TYA and hopes THE Yankee Aggressor will be back in the gloom as early as possible. YHC enjoyed the chat with Offshore on such topics as Dogpile, busy Saturdays, and growlers (always my favorite). Learned Corks and Kegs has very aggressive pricing in this space so I will have to re-visit them.

We eventually happened upon Oyster who was traveling in the opposite direction. It then became our goal to keep pace and get to the parking lot to meet Oyster in the end. No abandoned vehicles on the trail this weekend, but tire-tracks were still visible. Timing was just right to meet up with Flipper and Oyster in the end. Briefly discussed future runs where we will work to offer alternative distances/trails for this who want to get started but find the standard distances too daunting.

Saab out.


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  1. Hated to miss it, gents. Ive been working on some classic rock lyrics for Saab’s entertainment, maybe next week.