Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny



20 Strong attacked MM in the gloom!

COT: SSH, Windmills, EW, Flutter Kicks, LBC’s AC.

Curb Crawls : Bear crawl to the curb incline merkin – crawl bear back decline merkin up the ladder to 10.

Pavilion: 50 pole smokers

Triple Check : teams of three – run to the fence and back – merkins – squats – repeat three times.

Four Stations : break up into the 4 stations – 5 pull ups – 5 chin ups – WW11 sit ups Dips – twice around.

Tennis court : Sprints across three courts – 2 @ 75% and 2 @ 100%

Burpee Shuffle : circle up run in place until burpee is called out then pax drops and does 1 burpee – repeat 20 times as the burppee call out passes counter clock wise.

Indian Run : Back to the flag

Mary: APD’s, Rosalita’s, Hello Dollies, 6 inches


As the pax began to gather in the gloom this morning YHC saw TYA walking up in the shadows and was shocked! Way to represent TYA (just coming off a kidney stone issue) beast mode baby … The small mumble chatter during warm ups ended rather quickly as we moved right into curb crawls and the grunts continued during the pole smokers in the pavilion.

That may have been the darkest Triple check YHC has ever seen @ MM –  that black top was a bit slick too – glad to see there were no injuries during that exercise… The 4 stations slowed the pace down just a bit and then we turned the dial back up with some sprints, the burpee shuffle and the Indian run ! No 10 counts –  it’s all about tempo baby…. Apologies to Bleeder for not giving him a heads up before the sprints (woops) way to quickly hop on that monster bike Bleeder!  Saab, Utter, and Tramp Stamp crushed the pull ups and chin ups way to work fella’s ! Flashdance was booking during the Indian run – what an improvement – way to push it Flashdance!  BT and Toga flew by the pax during that Indian run back to the flag as well – way to show the speed guys!  The grunts seemed to come back during Mary – especially during 6 inches – but no pain no gain right fella’s – aye!

BT appropriately approached YHC (Corporate) to make me aware of his absence next week as he will be out of town – well played BT – absence excused – have a great trip!

Marv as usual did a beautiful job taking us out – problem was after his prayer I was ready to go again – aye !

Great work today guys- corporate sees you!

Announcements : be on the look out for a Viral Q – EF Hutton VQ next Tuesday… Be thinking about assisting with the start up of F3 Hampton – if interested in helping out with this  get with Toga – there will be some clown car road trips to Hampton in the future. LabRat will have a Mechanicsville AO up and running soon – stay tuned! Labrat asked if anyone could assist him with his heat pump problem – and a loud hell yeah we can came from Bleeder and YHC – Woodfin Your Home Team will take care of you Labrat! See info below on the suicide prevention golf event that Fudd as mentioned to the pax – please consider participating in this good cause..

Info Link

Lockjaw/ Bleeder on for Qing RAMM tomorrow – see y’all in the gloom!null


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  1. If you want to see how much work you can do in 45 minutes, come to a Swirly workout.

    Geez O Pete! (G rated version of the NC-17 explatives in my head).

  2. Also, I signed up for Leap Day Q just now for two reasons:

    1) To get Honey Do and TYA off my ass

    2) To get it before Swirly so I dont have to do curb crawls!

  3. Glad to see you get in a RVQ Lab Rat, I will be there! And no jokes about the occurrence of a lab rat Q coinciding with a leap year I promise…

  4. Thanks for keeping the tempo up today Swirly … perfect morning to be all about the thang.

    Glad to see you back at it TYA .. good job brother!!

  5. Lab Rat, look forward to you finally rounding “all the bases” and completing your VQ. My advice, go tough…if you incorporate 1/2 a Swirly workout it should be a good beatdown.

    Note: Was deeply concerned about the mumble-chatter during “6-inch”. Gentleman please…may I remind you we are in a residential area…

  6. Swirly Great Q… All that Tempo… Go hard or go home.. I was especially excited about the Native American last to first run. About my second F3 ever we did that in the gloom at No Toll. I made an attempt but Fudd had to takeover for me I couldn’t even keep up with the group.. And my boy Splinter had to come rescue me from the foggy darkness. Many of you have seen by now running is not my strong suit hence the name Flipper from the bum flippers I have(club feet). I really appreciate the encouragement I heard from the entire PAX as I sprinted past everyone during the Indian run. It didn’t stop me from almost barfing up my Liver after but still much appreciated

  7. Great High Speed Q, Swilry! I should have know Bleeder Sprints were going to be delivered. All good with a Swirly Q!

  8. I, too, love a Swirly Q or two, or even a few. Nice work, and the ab work at the end is proof that 6 inches is more than enough to do the trick when performed correctly.