Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

HDHH: Loose Goose thinks the beer has gone bad at The Answer


THE THANG: Drink good beer and fellowship at The Answer.

The PAX were quite successful in their mission.  Well done to all!

Here’s some notes on the night:

Splinter and Toga were eagerly participating in THE THANG well before six.  YHC arrived shortly prior to the designated time and found them well into the workout already.

Happy 40th to Loose Goose!  Goose now having trouble seeing small type and was overwhelmed by the scrolling HDTV beer lists behind the bar.  YHC bought Goose his first beer in celebration of the day, to which this scene from Can’t Hardly Wait played out almost word for word.

Toga is the Johnny Cash of our PAX; he’s been ev-er-y-where, man for F3 workouts.  “Brother Trent” has been anointed with the laying on of hands in Jacksonville, he’s had his heels nipped by the Hate-Hates in Nashville.  There’s even a rumor Toga barely avoided a tune-up by insensitively using the phrase “Hate-Hate” at some youngins once.  Ah Millenials … apparently for the twentysomethings “Hate-Hate” is THEIR word, not ours, Toga.  Maybe we can see about donating a Lite Brite for their safe space?

Rumor has it that many moons ago after TYA finished business school, he bicycled across the United States with his wife.  YHC has no confirmation whether they rode a tandem like the Doublemint Twins right over the Rockies but until proven otherwise that is how YHC will imagine it forever in his mind.

Speaking of biking, Lab Rat is considering the 100 mile run/ 100 mile bike challenge in March, but needs some convincing.  YHC observed he might be self-conscious of showing up to class at VCU off his bike as not just “the old guy” but as “the old, stanky, sweaty guy” once the warmer weather comes in March. Courage, Lab Rat, courage …

The PAX has noticed that Spinter’s hair is getting decidedly shaggy, much like Mattingly’s sideburns.  Will the coming of spring force Splinter to shed once he sees the shadow of his emobangs?  Stay tuned.

Lockjaw was quite proud of his increased aptitude at counting from his VQ to his second Q.  As Lockjaw told YHC on sharing my hesitance to Q due to my athletic inabilities. “If you can count, you can Q!”

Well said, Lockjaw.

The PAX is very interested in what EF Hutton has up his sleeves for his Virgin Q at NoToll this coming Tuesday.  Come out and see for yourself!

Keep an eye out for more AOs!  Lab Rat is eager to get a workout up and running in “Da Ville” (which confused everyone into thinking “C-Ville” because we forget Mechanicsville is a real place .. Godspeed on that one, dude) and Goose seems all fired to get someone else to initiate a Tuesday workout in the Pemberton/Quioccasin area… maybe Byrd Middle School?


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