Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Hate Me, Baby, One More Time


10 (ten) dedicated and faithful PAX disregarded the clear signals of “messy weather” to find some adventure and pain in the #Gloom at NoToll. All were ready to rock & roll, and most (all?) were dressed ready to help dry off the pavement a bit.


Warm-up mosey out toward Robius, turn around at the beginning of the ice. Back the other way and into the woods behind the tennis courts. Just in case you forgot, there’s blocks in dem dere woods! Grab your #coupon and circle up back in the parking lot.

Warm-up COP
Don Quixote x20
Block Merkins x10
Russian Soldiers x20
Block Mountain Climbers x20
LBCs x25

Mosey with coupon out to the back larger parking lot

Blocked Four Corners
Corner 1 – Block Curls x20
Corner 2 – Merkins x20
Corner 3 – Block Rows x10 each arm
Corner 4 – Burpees
Repeato all x3

‘Round the Lot – Clockwise this time
Leg 1 – Partner carry
Leg 2 – Wheelbarrow Crab Walk
Leg 3 – Bear Crawl
Leg 4 – Wheelbarrow Lunges
Repeato all x2, second time around partner switch on first leg

King of Hearts
Round 1: sprint to corner, sprint back. Plank when finished
Round 2: side shuffle left to corner, sprint back. Plank when finished
Round 3: side shuffle right to corner, sprint back. Plank when finished

Grab your #coupon & head back to where the shovel flag should have been. Replace block in dem dere woods along the way

COP – 2 minutes of Mary
LBCs x20
Alabama Prom Date x15
Freddie Mercury x20




– @Sippy Cup is so strong he broke a block. Apparently it was completely pulverized because it was nowhere to be seen after that.
– As is the case with most times that YHC is Q, there was much that we did not get to on the #weinke. You can bet that it will all make it into a future workout.
– Multiple audibles were called in this one today, most notably shortening the warm up run and multiple changes/deletions of the intended Wheelbarrow. YHC believes there was no love lost on the latter.


– HDHH tomorrow 6:00PM at The Answer (behind Mekong on Broad Street). Come one, come all!
– F3 Hampton launches in May. Plan on heading there for a Sat workout.
– Toga & Swirly charged the group to start talking up F3 at any men’s groups at church, etc. Get to it.
– Fudd has details on golf tourney. Once he sends them to YHC this space will have them too.


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  1. It was surprisingly not as nasty as it could have been. Great Q and good luck with the birthday! I’m sure the foreigners at SoT will enjoy seeing you post in the morning.

    • Good suggestion on talking to men in our church. As it happens, I will be going to the WEPC men’s retreat this weekend so will definitely use the opportunity.

  2. HDHH tomorrow!! Be there or be square!

    I can say that as strong as Sippy is, his coupon was not pulverized, but standing on end looking totally fine in five perfect pieces for the next PAX to discover. In face, Fudd?/Offshore? and I chucked Sippy’s FEAT OF STRENGTH into the woods.

    Not thinking at 5AM about the sloppiness of the weather and that the ground would be pools of freezing cold water, I thought it smart to wear my “warmer” fleece gloves. I lost track of how many times I squeezed the water out of them, but it was definitely more than 10 times by the time we got back to the CoT.

    T-Claps to Goose for sharing how F3 has helped him over the last year-plus as he enters the hate-less zone. Your #MASCULINITY is showing. 😀

    • Forgot to give a shout-out to @Viral for the fruitless search for another block. Maybe you should have improvised and come back with a log or something…

  3. Great Q today, LG. I liked the variety with the blocks. My “feat of strength” was actually a feat of laziness. Instead of setting the concrete block down gently (requiring more muscle), I let it drop from about 2 inches above the blacktop and it crumbled. Thanks Viral for cleaning up the mess.

  4. It’s pretty late for me, but I might stop in for a quick one. Need to be back in Da’ville by 7 though.

    When the weather warms, Circle K and I have plans to host an evening workout up this way to check out a new AO. We can do a “brewery tour” afterwards, along with 16 ounce samplers.

  5. Let me be the first to apologize to Offshore for being a fat ass on the partner carry. First attempt at piggy back almost ended in face plant and head trauma for Offshore. Firemans carry worked but probably resulted in at least 1 blown disc. Free adjustment on me brother. Note to self waterproof gloves. Great Q Final Hate

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