Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Another audible Q thanks to the snow


Four faithful braved the snow to start off their Presidents day right at Punisher.  It was snowing and 21 degrees.  Here is how it went down:

Mosey to field for COP:  40 SSH, 20 merkins, 20 DQs, 20 IPs, 20 Mtn Climbers.  Mosey to basketball court:

Partner up: 1 partner does Elbow plank while other runs to end of court, does exercise then run back.  Switch.   Round 1: 20 merkins, Round 2:  20 Tuck Jumps, Round 3:  20 Carolina Dry Docs, Round 4: Jump Squats

Stay on Bball court:  Broad jump width of court, lunge back.  Repeato.  Partner up.  Wheelbarrow width of court, switch partner.  Repeato.

Mosey to front of school.  Grab a spot on school wall.  20 Donkey kicks, run to street, 20 merkins run back.  Round 2:  BTTW hold for Q, run to street 10 Burpees and back.  Round 3:  20 more DKs, run then 30 Flutterkicks, back.  Hold plank for 30 seconds.

Mosey back to playground.  Clear off bench for: Dips & Merkins.  Round 1: 25 dips, 15 derkins.  Round 2: 20 Dips, 10 Derkins. Mosey to pullup bars. 2 Sets, 1st 5, 2nd Max out.

Mosey back VSF. Finish with Mary – 20 Russian Twists, 25 Freddy Mercurys then Ring of Fire to close us out.


This is the 2nd beatdown that the YHC’s Weinke has been scratched because weather. The original plan was to use the map of the US on the court and follow the presidential primary schedule with each state getting a corresponding exercise based on the first letter in the state’s name.  Unfortunately an inch of snow covering the court made the game impossible.  Given the current political climate this 2016 electoral season YHC is sure there is metaphor there…

YHC was glad to see Flipper join the PAX in the COP.  Because of the weather YHC deemed this allowable rather than counting as a LIFO, even though Flipper said he would have been later regardless.  With his arrival it made for a even number or else YHC had visions of a lot of Triple check for the rest of the beatdown.

Swirly led the PAX as usual although Oyster crushed the 20 tuck jumps faster than anyone else did 10 of them. Seriously, YHC has never seen anyone knock those out so quickly, Aye!  The wheelbarrow across the court twice smoked the PAX, It was pretty cool to see the mix of handprints and footprints on the court as we left.

While at the front of the school doing our Burpees a Jeep honked as it rode by. There was speculation it was a seal teamer trying to inform the PAX that workouts were cancelled for the day because of the snow. Luckily F3 Corporate was there to confirm F3 RVA workouts are never canceled due to weather.

During the RoF at the end Flipper upped the stakes by getting up and running around the circle and back to his spot. The PAX followed suit during their turn.

Afterwards there was discussion of Coffeteria but no one knew of a place close by.

Announcements: Loose Goose has No Toll tomorrow. HDHH is this Wed at Answer Brewpub, Viral is organizing. If Viral offers you Chipotle while there, do NOT eat it…



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  1. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    Great way to start the day/week – good Q Honeydo – you will get to use that weinke soon… Think I hate Donkey kicks as much as box cutters…
    Aye… to Oyster and Flipper for showing up in the snowy gloom – way to work today fella’s – corporate see’s you…

  2. By the way … I am bringing as many E. Coli lettuce stuffed burritos from the unwashed hands of Chipotle workers as I can carry!!!

  3. Honey Do Great Q in the snow. The ball busting for said tardiness is much appreciated. However I did make it from Goochland vs. the slickers that were cozy in the FSack. Oyster was possessed on the jump tucks. Well done brother!! Swirly #F3 corporate I wanna be like you when I grow up… Bad ass

  4. Glad you fought off the fartsack flipper. Oyster came in at 5:29, for a few minutes it was looking like it was just swirly and I. That would have been no fun as would have had to resorted to lots of crabwalk to keep up with him. It is Swirly’s Kryptonite…
    And looks like it was much better to be in fresh snow rather than yesterday with a sogfest at notoll.