Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

3rd Swirly Q ?


10 brave men turned out for Dogpile this very cold morning…

COT: Windmills, EW,  Russian Solders, APD, Flutter Kicks, AC.

Track with a Twist : run track – stop at each obstacle  5 merkins, next obstacle  10 LBC’s  repeat at each obstacle all the way around the track accept for pull up bars, rings, monkey bars (there do 5 pullups) @ the rope climb (climb the rope).. Mossy…..

Bridge run: Run the bridge up the hill to the first street – 10 burpees – run back down the bridge up the hill – 25 LBC’s. Mossy….

Amp Theatre : Dips ladder on the steps  – 1-18 and back down to 1

Ring of Fire – 10 merkins each while pax planks . Mossy to the flag.

Yep lot’s of running….

Moleskin :

The wind was popping as YHC planted the flag this morning in the gloom. With the parking lot being taped off YHC planted the flag to the side where it was planted last week… YHC blew his horn to notify Oyster he was parked in the wrong place. (Way to be paying attention Oyster)… Splinter got out of his car which I believe was Mrs Splinters car bobbing his head – walking like a man who just crushed his budget numbers 🙂 and reported to YHC that he was rocking out in the car to some rap music so he could get jacked up for the morning workout! YHC was jamming some rap himself and after hearing the news from Splinter  knew the pax was going to attack this workout – love it!

Sippy crushed it on the track with YHC, BT, Saab, Splinter not to far behind… On the bridge run BT reported that we almost lost Lockjaw because the wind was wiping those 1987 workout pants so hard that they became more like a parachute than pants… Luckily he was able to keep his feet on the ground. Viral had some bad Chipotle last night – so he had to take a pass on the bridge run – Viral do you not get Wilson’s tweets ? He has been warning everyone daily about the dangers of eating Chipolte dude… (Glad you recovered buddy) ..

The dips ladder hurt a lot more than expected – lots of moaning and groaning during that exercise.. Great job banging those out guys.. My triceps are throbbing as I type this…

Splinter took us out and some of the pax headed to Ellwood’s for coffee and a delicious breakfast where they got the chance to meet Mrs Swirly who it seems is always shopping @ Ellwood’s…. For a moment BT thought we were being to loud and were about to get slammed by another women this week, but Mrs Swirly politely introduced herself as Chip’s wife and nobody knew who the hell she was talking about…  We also ran into our good friend TYA @ Ellwood’s – imagine that – dude lives @ that place man – it seems Elwood’s is the place to be in RVA … As we were leaving Saab mentioned something about telling us a nude beach story – so stay tuned for that one….

Great job by the pax this morning – much more running  in this Swirly Q. Shout out to Flashdance for pushing hard – way to go Flashdance – Corporate see’s you man – keep it up! This is the first time YHC has Q’d three times in a week – that’s no joke – my hat’s off to those of you that have done that duty before..

Announcements :

100 mile challenge – 200 for bikers – Lockjaw leading the charge…

BRR – see TYA if interested..

Interested in Qing – reach out and we will help you get started ..

I am blessed to be part of a group of such fine men. Thank you all for allowing me to be a part of F3RVA..




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  1. Swirly, just when I think I have your workout MO figured out you throw in a few surprises. The added running was an aching surprise and kept us warm through the blustery morning. Swirly IS Corporate man…you earn it every day.

    It was a pleasure working out through sunrise with you gentlemen, as well spending some quality time at Ellwood’s afterward. (Was also pleased to save another 20 cents on the trip to Ellwood yet still arrive ahead of BT.)

    Saab out

  2. I knew that was coming, Saab. I sat at that light for 8 minutes waiting for it to change! That said, I’m still taking donations for your toll fund. Great Q, Swirly. The workout intensified as it progressed. Definitely feeling it now. And the left side of my face finally thawed from the return trip on the bridge.

  3. Great Q. I know it’s a tough one when I’m asking myself why the hell I signed up for this during the middle of the workout. Sorry to have missed coffee after, alas the man was calling. Swirly, I signed up for a virgin Q at NoToll week after next. Any pointers are welcome.

  4. Not trying to SMEAR anyone, but a friend picked Chipotle (not me!) and I paid dearly for his CRAPPY decision.

    Regardless of whether E Coli was getting the better of my GRUMPY insides, that workout was a total SMASH down, no mistake. That run was so long we might as well have taken a STEAMER to CLEVELAND.

    Thanks to everyone for the encouraging words coming back across the bridge despite my CRAPINESS on the run. You are all DUKES to me and I know you are true brothers in a PINCH.

    Nice job by Swirly triple Q-ing this week. The way he blasted through the dips makes me think he could BUILD A LOG CABIN with those arms. Any skepticism about his status with F3 corporate should be answered. I owe you a HERSHEY’S BAR next time we go to Ellwoods.


  5. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    VQ – thats awesome EF Hutton good for you – you will do a great job, I look forward to the beatdown

  6. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    Great job Viral – that a way to battle through the unwanted guest and carry on… Atta boy!

  7. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    Appreciate it brother. Way to work yesterday buddy…
    Upon BT’s request – corporate will look into a smart tag for your vehicle …….