Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

What Happens in Cuba Stays In Cuba !


5 strong posted this morning for SOT and Bleeder is back from his 3rd world country trip!

COT: LBC’s, APD’s, Flutter Kicks, Windmills

Triangle : 20 Merkins – lunge to the corner 20 WW11 sit ups, lunge to corner 10 Monkey Humpers – Repeat 3 times..

Suicides on the Basketball court – Bleeder bike sprints across all three courts – Repeat 3 times.

Curb Crawls : up to 5 and back down to 1 Bear crawl up Crawl bear back  – incline and delcine merkins

Indian Run Pole Smokers : 5 pole smokers run to the next available pole hold it @ 6 inches until time to repeat the pole smokers until the end of the posts.

Hill run Burpee : Run up the hill touch the fence – run back down and do a burpee –  repeat 5 times.

Ring of Fire : 10 merkins – repeat 2 times

Mary: Cross leg lifts 10 each leg, Flutter Kicks 10, Rosalita’s 10. Hello Dollies 10, APD’s, 20, LBC 50.

Moleskin: 28, steady breeze  with a light snow this morning so YHC wore pants… Come to find out SOT had no snow and no breeze…. Weird…  Bleeder made his return this morning after being away for a few days in Cuba and he proved to Rosie that he could indeed speak some Spanish… Other than that it was a good and interesting trip YHC does not have any further info to report – that said What happens in Cuba stays in Cuba! Glad you made it back safely Bleeder.. Toga mysteriously appeared  right as we began the COT – glad he was able to find us down there on the BB courts – does he have a little Conspiracy in him ??

Rosie and Toga were wondering why in the world YHC had the pax doing all those lunges especially after all of those LT Dan’s DK had us doing yesterday – and  YHC certainly heard some groans during the Monkey Humpers which are always a fan favorite. Agreed probably should have given that some more thought – my legs are smoked ..

The Indian Pole Smokers were a big hit until Bleeder landed in a nice cold puddle where the field dips down some – that made for some slippery and cold pole smokers which as y’all know are always fun..

Reminder : Corporate knows who was there and who has been participating consistently – this is for your own good and you know who you are – so see you in the gloom !

Great job Pax – enjoyed the workout this morning way to push it…

Saab has the Q tomorrow !

LabRat/Bleeder have RAMM/Gears

Swirly-Corporate Dogpile/ Earthworm Gridiron .


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  1. Great job guys – Have a good trip to Spain Rosie – we will see you when you get back dude!

  2. In case my Corporate comment card got lost, I wanted to register my feedback here. Thanks for all those extra lunges. No really, that worked great after spending half the day in the car.