Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Did he get prior F3 Corp. approval?


15 strong posted to “the best AO in all of F3 Nation” on a frosty Saturday morning. The PAX had to assemble in a different area of the parking lot because of obstructions but everyone met up for a old fashioned beatdown:

Mosey to circle for COP:  30 SSH, 15 Merkins, 20 Flutterkicks, 20 IPs

Mosey to Boulevard for Burpee Road: Run up the Blvd and do 2 Burpees per lamppost.  Cross and head back at break in road and come back with 2 burpees until back at start of memorial field.

Mosey to side of Carillon for newest iteration of Touch a Tree:  Touch a Tree – Tag a Partner:

Partner up.  1 goes out to touch set # of trees while other does exercise until partner returns.  Switch and other one runs and T-A-T.

Round 1:  5 Trees – Donkey Kicks, Round 2 – 10 Trees – Carolina Dry Docs,  Round 3:  12 Trees – Boxcutters

Mosey to Amphitheater:  Decline plank down the steps in unison.  25 LBCs IC at bottom.  Then scale back up steps – 5 Decline Merkins each step until back at top of Amphitheater.

Mosey to Love Hill:  Partner up again – alternate run & exercise.  Lunges, Broad Jumps, walk-out merkins.

Mosey back to Flag, 1 extra min of Freddy Mercurys.  COT.


Pleasure to lead a large 15 strong PAX this AM.  The PAX got a lot in during the beatdown and covered a lot of ground.  The 40+ burpees during Burpee road got everyone off to a strong start.

The Touch a Tree – Tag a Partner worked out better than YHC had anticipated even though some PAX varied in their methods of tracking down “available” trees as instructions dictated not touching the same tree twice.  On the mosey over to the Amphitheater there was mumblechatter about whether this TAT-TAP had been properly  F3 Corp approved.  Luckily YHC had obtained the requisite approval from Swirly at RAMM the day before.  Sippy decided to do 20 trees on the last round and YHC tried to tell him but alas Sippy was going too fast for YHC to catch him.

The extended planks down the amphitheater steps were hard, maybe Offshore can show the PAX more about this “plank-off” YHC has been hearing about. T-Claps to Wilson for providing extra motivation to Lockjaw during the decline merkins up the steps.  Whatever it takes to inspire!  YHC was impressed how all the PAX burned through those 90 decline merkins in short order.  This week has been heavy on the merkins.  Flipper put in a strong showing at I believe his first dogpile.  For some reason Splinter and Rosie sprinted back from Love Hill to the flag at the end.

Announcements:  Swirly has Q on Monday after the Superbowl.  Attendance will be recorded…




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  1. Great beatdown! My motivation tactics have not stopped today.…Wilson’s wife not amused! Off to go motivate all the folks in Costco! That’s gonna be FUN!

  2. Good variety in that Q. I’m not sure why either but Splinter took off and said “Come on Rosie”, so I followed. Nothing like pushing yourself to the end to make you feel good.

  3. Wilson had some serious motivation today. I was (un)fortunate enough to witness his motivation while Sippy decided to touch 20 trees. I knew he was gone for much too long and I paid the price.

    Great Q today HD. Maybe if I surpass my 6k caloric intake for tomorrow I can roll into a Swirly Q on Monday with some extra “motivation” myself.

  4. Splinter glad you plan on your own motivation! Funny thing – I thought I was walking into Costco as the Tony Robbins of motivation! NOPE there are some serious champs in Costco today.

  5. Great Q as usual Honeydo. You lulled me into a false sense of recovery on the way down the amphitheater only to hit us with a beatdown of derkins going back up. Tried to pass Swirly (F3C) but per usual he dominated.

    Thoroughly enjoyed the post-workout coffee hangout with Wilson, Aisle 5, Rosie, Offshore, and Lockjaw (yes I still don’t drink coffee).

  6. Sorry I had to split early afterwards and miss the Coffeteria. I am certain there will be a lot of “Fudding” on Monday at Punisher

  7. Excellent Q Honeydo – loved the fact that touch a tree has a number of different versions now – tclaps for getting the proper approval in order to make additions and amendments to this exercise.
    I am expecting plenty of motivation in the gloom – we will spread out – thought we were going to have revive Splinter after Wilson shared his blast of motivation during the close proximity box cutters…
    Great job @ dogpile guys – nice to see a good turnout on a frosty morning – let’s keep it up!
    See y’all tomorrow .