Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Dont like Virginia weather? Just wait a minute…


65 and “misty” 24 hours ago gave way to winter, as the PAX was greeted with snow flurries and wind this morning.  14 RUNNERS plus two from another AO rolled out of the fartsack despite to get in a few miles in the gloom.


Straight out on Grove.  4 milers, hang a left on Boulevard. 5 milers, left on Meadow.  6 milers leg it out to Harrison.  Everybody back on Monument to Commonwealth.  No victory laps required.


YHC is always amazed at the ability of the PAX to creatively complain about the workouts.  This week was no exception.  The complaint du jour was that we ran counterclockwise, but the wind was blowing clockwise.  My bad…

Stand out gold star of the 5 miler goes to Brain Tumor.  Honey Do and YHC tried to keep up, but he was legging it out.  Well done, brother!

For the bicycling  portion of the workout, complete with pictures and more creativity, please visit the RAMM gears BB.


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  1. Enjoyed running with you Lab Rat, great 2nd F, that is until we turned left on Monument into the wind.

  2. The headwind on Monument was no joke. Thanks for the nod, Lab Rat. Still didn’t even see the back of the lead pack, though.