Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Balls in the mist


21 brave souls ran into the morning fog for a different kind of Toga Q.


Mosey to basketball court for COP: 10 burpees, 30 jump squats, 13 merkins, 13 lunges, 13 mtn climbers, 30 squats, 40 flutter kicks: repeato x2 then 10 burpees, 30 jump squats, 13 merkins (ran out of time) for the full mess

Mosey to tennis courts for inaugural F3 Dodgeball.  It’s just like dodgeball, but you move to the side and do 10 burpees when hit.  You can then return to the game.  Play 8 minute periods with the winner being the team with the fewest people doing burpees at the 8 minute mark.  Winners do 10 burpees and losers for 20.  Team Spotlight and Team In the Spotlight were tied going into the 2 minute speed round with no final winner in the end.

Mosey to flag for 30 American Hammers.  COT= Viral took us out


YHC had a package of balls to deliver to the tennis courts, so we had a jackrabbit start to the workout.  As stated, YHC often gets accused of grumpiness and a general lack of cheeriness during Qs.  To combat this perception the idea was hatched to get some quick work done in a COP then play a game.  Thus F3 Dodgeball was born.  It must also be reiterated that YHC delivered the requisite disclaimer at the beginning of the workout.

Likely coming from his tactical training at VMI, Bleeder kept the floodlight from his monster bike in the eyes of team In the Spotlight for the first round.  It should be noted that the fog and darkness only made the ability to see the balls flying at your head even more difficult.  YHC took one to the noggin and got Viral and Lab Rat confused.  In retaliation Lab Rat ran over my sack of balls.  Splinter and Swirly had a helmet to helmet collision that took Swirly to the sidelines for a minute.  Can anyone explain how that happened with the height differential?

Special welcome to FNG Blacklight.  The race is on for someone to find his episode of Room Raiders.

There you have it.., several ball jokes ready and waiting.  Balls balls balls

Stay Classy,



  • See TYA if interested in BRR
  • HDHH 2/17
  • 4/25 Charity Golf Tournament to raise funds for American Foundation for Suicide Prevention- see Fudd if interested

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  1. THE Yankee Aggressor on

    I have a list of things I do not want to see at a work out. Top of list, Toga’s balls!

  2. Toga with a fun Q way to go dude !
    Splinter and I are in the process of submitting our workman’s comp paperwork . Maybe next time we all should wear helmets for dodgeball. Allow me to explain the collision – Splinter as tall as he is can get down low in a hurry to pick up the balls – in the process of coming up our heads decided to smash together… We both were out for a few seconds but in true F3 Corporate spirit we jumped right back in the game – no trainer to do concussion test – old school baby..
    Yep I still have a headache and a nice goose egg but the good news is if you have to do business ie.. (fie workman’s comp) with F3 Corporate I have the juice to make that happened quickly.. Hope my buddy Splinter’s head is not pounding like mine right now… Either way you can bet we will be there for RAMM in the gloom.
    Good work today fella’s – nice Q Toga.
    Executive Vice President
    F3 Corporate

  3. At least I wore gloves to touch Toga’s Balls. But thanks to TYA, I had one of Toga’s balls smashed inmy face,

  4. I have never seen so many men in a hurry to run grab Toga’s balls, I can honestly say I did not run to touch Toga’s balls.

    Swirly, Splinter, Peter La Fleur would have been proud of your actions, I can’t wait to see the replay on ESPN 8 “The Ocho”

  5. THE Yankee Aggressor on

    I have heard a rumor that this was the first time since his honeymoon that Toga’s balls have been out of the possession of M Toga.

  6. Toga, sorry about smashing your sac(k?). Let me know how many balls I need to (re)place and where.

  7. One of Toga’s balls was harder than the other – so my sympathy to any of the pax who took one of those in the grill…

  8. THE Yankee Aggressor on

    Toga, your reputation certainly proceeded you. There was a general sense of apprehension and gloom as we were doing the first COP. I have never heard a group of F3 pax so quite. Everyone was scared. Come to find out, the fear was justified…..

  9. I just glad we didn’t do this yesterday, Lug would have bought a sack of wrenches, ” If you can dodge a wrench, you can dodge a ball.”

    Special thanks to Wedding Singer and Saab for handing me the softer of Toga’s Balls during the intercourse of play. I think Saab may have thrown his arm out having too much fun with Toga’s Balls.

  10. Toga, It’s going to be hard to shut the door on your balls. Once they are out, everyone wants to have fun with them. I was impressed; however, that you could play multiple games with your balls at your age, and Still stay Classy.

  11. Nice Q Toga! It was a novel experience to actually have fun at one of your workouts. I never thought I would say this, but playing with Toga’s balls was a great way to start the day!

  12. Fear… I fear if had been 10 degree warmer; TYA’s wardrobe selection would have been different. Crap, now that mental image won’t go away…. That’s sad when Toga’s balls hitting me in the face isn’t the worst thing of the day.

  13. THE Yankee Aggressor on

    Life is all about context. Sometimes horrible can be not so bad when there are worse alternatives out there. Cant wait for the weather to warm up to the 70’s

  14. Fudd, It looked like you were having fun with Toga’s balls, way to pound’em hard! This is just Hour of entertainment. Toga, thanks for sharing your balls so early in the morning

  15. Hey, when life gives you Lemons, make Lemonade, if life gives you Mellons, you might be dyslexic, either way there is a basket full of Toga’s balls’ jokes.

  16. Swirly – I am recovering. I don’t have a goose egg like you but I do have a nice raspberry on the forehead. Wish Abacus was there with his gopro so we could re-live that in slow mo.

    Toga nice q. Sorry to see that your ball sack has so many holes it looks like swiss cheese.

  17. Glad to hear that buddy me too thanks to Bleeder – he hooked me up with some ibuprofen! Good news is swelling gone down and we are fully covered under the F3 Corporate policy…
    To be fair Toga’s ball sack seemed to be ok until labrat crushed it – nothing like a crushed ball sack – can really get to a man – glad to see Toga’s in good spirits..

  18. Holy ball jokes. I wish I had something creative to add. Good to see this crowd won’t let an opportunity slip by, and thankful that Toga is so willing to share his balls. But, it could have been different if DK had shown up with wooden spoons.

  19. Yes – he should for sure – great suggestion Splinter.
    DK – nice try dude but please stay focused and on point here dude – I’m sure that I don;t have to remind you that this is all about Toga’s balls!

  20. Believe it or not, I actually tried to order one of those for my business partner for Christmas but they were “out of stock.” DK, please stay focused.

  21. In the spirit of yesterdays workout another record has been set. How many time can a group of men discuss another mans sack & balls? Very entertaining! The only thing that would have made this even funnier is if Toga had put some bear crawls in there. #f3facinationwithallfours Not sure if I am happy or sad I missed this one. Splinter – that link shut down my computer. Damn you……………

  22. TYA, you got me. Just make sure you wear that thing when it finally shows up on your doorstep.

  23. Yeah, and I am the only one in this group that “did time” on a sub…

    Oh wait, not Im not! TOGA did too!

  24. Just One more, Toga, It’s been requested that you bring your balls to RAMM/RAMM Gears tomorrow, those not in attendance today want to see what all the hype is about; but please leave them in your sack.

    Additionally, the Tomatoes noticed your sack, and are challenging us to a game of dodgeball, as long as, we use your balls and play by the ADAA(American Dodgeball Association of America) Continuation Rule 113D —- SUDDEN DEATH—-https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I7F-Go8ELS4 —- And THANK YOU, CHUCK NORRIS!!

    ok, technically, that was two, it made more sense for some reason.

  25. Sorry I missed this one as it sounded like fun.

    So Toga unleashes his balls in a workout and the FNG is named “Blacklight”. Sounds like the backblast is omitting a detail or two…..

  26. Thought I’d just post something that DOES NOT make mention of spherical objects, nor an epidermal pouch containing aforementioned spheres….

    Did everyone check out Bleeders tires?…quite the girth.

    Saab out.

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