Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Groundhog Day Eve Festivities


A hearty PAX of 6 posted for this week’s version of The Punisher.  The temperature was just under 50 degrees when we showed – effectively 70 degrees and sunny.  It went down like so:

Mosey from the front parking lot to the side yard for the initial COP – warmup with 20 x Imaginary Jump Ropes, 20 x Imperial Walkers, 20 x Don Quixotes, and 15 x Arm Circles (both forward and reverse directions)

Jog to the front of the school for a little circuit work.  Start at the edge of the school building and Crab Walk about 20 yards, flip and Bear Crawl the rest of the way adjacent to the school wall.  Hop up and jog, weaving through the bushes.  Flashing bicycle lights were placed at points in the school yard.  Exiting the line of bushes, run to the first light and complete 10 x Carolina Dry Docks.  Hop up and run to the nearby sidewalk and back to the second light for 10 x Squats.  Repeat tagging the sidewalk and running to these lights for 10 x Plank Jacks, 10 x Wide Grip Dry Docks, 10 x Backward Lunges, 10 x Mountain Climbers, and 5 x Burpees.  Compete the circuit twice more.

Head to the soccer field for Colonel Trautman.  PAX members pair up with one guy running about 20 yards to the pullup bars to complete 3 Pullups while the other guy completes 10 Merkins and holds an Elbow Plank until the partner returns.  Completed three cycles.

Jog to the northeast edge of the school property to the sidewalk.  Each PAX member picks an open sidewalk square and complete 5 Box Cutters.  Hop up and move, south along the sidewalk, to the next open sidewalk square and knock out 10 Flutter Kicks (two count).  Up and move to the next open square for 10 Rosalitas.  Continue to move, rotating through the same three exercises.  Made it to the midpoint of the school property facing Laburnum before we stopped.

Move onto the school grounds for a couple of minutes of stretching, then return to the ShovelFlag.


Bleeder showed up with a fat tire bike which seemed to navigate the wet school grounds well.

Audibled on the initial circult. Called it 5s and 10s but we ended up doing three rounds, so the effort didn’t earn the name.  YHC sought to reserve time for the sidewalk work at the end.

Regular lineup of workouts this week.  At the time of this post, there is an open Q slot for Saturday’s Dogpile.  Sign up!


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