Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

GridIron with Ample Ciabattas


Six of the faithful posted at #GridIron on a cold Saturday morning, the ground being covered by icy remnants of the prior week’s snow storm, which had thawed into slush and refrozen several times over. In light of the solidly frozen ground, Johnsonville plated a VSF and took the Q. This is how it went down, more or less:

COP: SSH x25, LS Squats x15, Don Quiote x25, Mountain Climbers x25

Mini-mosey into picnic pavilion:
chiabattas (step ups)
chiabattas (alt. merkins / decline merkins)

Mini-mosey onto sidewalk beside near gridiron:
chiabattas (alt. jump squats / Lt. Dans)

Mosey to far corner of gridiron:
chiabattas (alt. snurpees / Turkish getups)

Mosey to bus lane in front of school:
chiabattas (alt. mountain climbers / standing mountain climbers)
chiabattas (alt. LBCs / reverse crunches)

Mosey up to track:
1/4 mi. run
chiabattas (bunny hops)
chiabattas (American hammers / Freddie Mercs)

Mosey back to bus lane:
merkin ladder (up to five with bear crawl / back down to 1 with crab walk)

Mosey back to picnic pavilion:
box jumps x10
dips x30

COT with flag in hand


Chum Bucket had on workout tights that came down just below his knees. As soon as he got out of his car at Gridiron, he self-identified those as being his “Capri pants.”

Earthworm complained mildly about the lack of partner let tosses (aka pole smokers), and promised to make it up next week.

Cheetah, being 14 years old, was nearly impossible to wake up for the workout and nearly caused the Q to be late.

The merkin ladder was tough, especially coming after rapid-fire ciabattas. Many were sprawled out after that concluded.

Great job, men! Johnsonville


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