Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Still plenty of ice to go around….


13 maintained the fortitude to crawl out of their respect fartsacks and show up for a 6:00am workout at Dogwood Dell. Included a PAX from Charlotte and Chesney for his fairwell beatdown before he departs Richmond. This is how it went down.

Mosey to a circle: SSHx30, DQx20, Squatsx20, LBCx30, Merkinsx20
Carillon Stairs: 10 Merkins (bottom), 20 WWII Situps (Top) – 3 rounds
Touch a Tree (Variation): PAX does Merkins at each tree. Merkin count corresponds to tree number you are at (1, 2, 3…). 3 Rounds (3 trees, 6 trees, 10 trees)
Amphitheatre: From bottom to top…Progressive dips corresponding to each level. Standing-jump to next level. From Top to Bottom…progressive Derkins on way down.
Field: Run suicides to 25, 50, 75, 100 yard line. At each point perform a squat jump. Increase count with each turnaround point.
Pull Up Bars: Two sets of pullups (5) and “horizontal” pullups (5)
7 minutes of Mary….

Saab struggled with his cadence – particularly during the Merkins. He is re-thinking those lessons he received from Lockjaw. Progressive Merkins back-down the amphitheatre seemed like a good idea at the time. As HoneyDo said near the end, “it may as well be a million.” Should have just kept it at 1 each step. Consensus was triceps were too burned on the going up trip. Swirly, however, made it look easy and appeared to be the one to complete all steps. Awesome job Swirly!

Field turned out to be too icy for proper suicides so Q called it after one iteration. Moseyed to the pull up bars before finishing up with 7 MMM. Charlotte PAX said it was one of the better workouts he had attended. He also had his first exposure to the Alabama Prom Date (in name only I presume) and quickly found the humor in it.

We all bid a fond farewell to Chesney….Save travels

Saab abides….


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  1. Sorry I missed a Saab beatdown! Combo of the fartsack and a tender shoulder (shoveling snow) kept me in. Saturday is not the same without that workout.

  2. Great Q Saab! My chest is smoked thinking of icing my pecs… Appreciate the pax not freaking out as I was grunting @ the top of my lungs and screaming like a little girl on those last few derkins….
    All the best to you Chesney. Go represent RVA in Nashville and remember you never know when F3 corporate could stop by and audit a workout 🙂 ….
    Excellent work this morning fella’s …

  3. What a brutal arm and chest burner Saab. Way to raise the Touch a Tree bar with derkins per tree. Also love seeing Swirly go extra hard when someone from CLT is in town. Go work today Hootie.

  4. I agree with Honeydo on the addition of an exercise to find a tree…. Well done.
    F3 Corporate 24/7/365/ 110% – Honeydo Aye…..

  5. That was a welcome back and then some! Nice Q Saab, was carting my kids around this morning and could barely hold my 2 year old daughter for five minutes hahahaha.

    Farewell to Chesney and thanks for visiting Hootie!

  6. Well done Saab! Find a tree and amphitheater merkins made a good beatdown. Good luck to Chesney

  7. I disagree! Keeping it at 1 per step would have made the PAX soft and would have definitely invited jabs aimed at the Q. The pain was welcomed! And I also overheard Hootie say that his soccer arms were not prepared for the upper body beat down. Nice work! Chesney, God speed to you, brother. Toga and I will look you up when we’re in town to hit a Nashvegas AO. Aye!

  8. Well that sucked. Showed up thinking Byrd Park was great and left second guessing that. Went back to hotel and finished the merkins I left at amphitheater once my peck deck quit bleeding. Not fully true because I just saw more blood but I did finish them out. Sort of.

    Thanks for the hospitality. Luckily made it out of the woods alive after Sippy volunteered to take me for a stroll even though I didn’t ask. More than a little concerned when strange man says follow me after a set of Prom Dates.

    Only thing missing was coffee afterwards. Best part of a Sat workout is telling lies about how you did every rep over a piping hot cup afterwards. That’s where the 2nd F is formed and amazing non truths are shared and grow exponentially. Next time I’m in town the java is on me.

    See you boys at BRR in September. Those hills don’t care about Derkins. I’ll save you a seat at the finish.

    Saab – keep counting brother. I like it.

    Here’s to hoping I can wash my hair in the AM.