Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

A More Egalitarian Workout


3 posted at the frozen tundra that is LHES.  After a couple of laps around a semi cleared parking lot, it was all snow all the time.


2 laps around lot then COP: Russian Soldiers, SSH, Merkins, Flutter kicks

Pick a parking spot for Gorilla in the cage:  Gorilla walk forward and back x3 then one rotation right and one left: repeato x2

Mosey to pavilion for triple check: dips, flutter kicks, run to where the sidewalk should have been

Mosey to basketball court for The Beast: squats, lunges, merkins, LBCs, mtn climbers, snurpees

Mosey to flag for quick round of American Hammers then COT


Pelosi and YHC saw the backblast for the rogue f3 workout in our neighborhood on Sunday and felt more than a little rejection.  It’s totally understandable to leave YHC off the list, but Pelosi is a good fella.  Apparently EF Hutton was also ostracized, and Oyster didn’t get the note either.  At least we keep things open for the people at The Punisher.

YHC was also a bit late as the time to break through a newly plowed wall of snow at the end of the drive was not taken into consideration.  Poor Oyster was about to start running laps as Pelosi and YHC rolled in.  He may have preferred the laps after we started punching through the snow.

The snow certainly makes everything.., interesting.  You quickly find out where any openings might be in your winter ensemble.  Last year came back to YHC as snow drifts and those frozen/crunchy spots presented themselves to the PAX.  The PAX gutted it out with zero complaints!



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  1. THE Yankee Aggressor on

    Great work gents. Sorry bout the communication on rogue workout. No slight meant, totally my bad.

    I think I can make it out of my neighborhood in the #hybrid tomorrow, so I’m back in the game. See you in the gloom. Aye

  2. I think the communication was moved to a secret F3 corporate channel. Swirly’s has been claiming to be pulling the F3 corp levers but wasn’t there – he may be a cover for the true “undercover boss.”