Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

A little bit crazy


It is said that as many days as there are in the whole journey, so many are the men and horses that stand along the road, each horse and man at the interval of a day’s journey; and these are stayed neither by snow nor rain nor heat nor darkness from accomplishing their appointed course with all speed.

— Herodotus


Mosey to the circle with snow shovels in hand for a snowy COP.  Dig out a spot for 25x SSH, 20x Russian Soldiers, 10x Merkins.

Starting at the road circle, scoop a shovelful of snow and run to center of circle, dumping it there, run back to starting place.  Repeato ~15x.

Mosey to center of circle.  Shovel to make the mound larger, and then, Bearcrawl from the edge of the circle to the mound and then do 5 Derkins with feet on the mound.  Bear Crawl back to edge.  Repeato 3x.

10x slow bending squats with shovel overhead.  10 x slow bending squats with shovel overhead filled with snow.  Al Gore with Shovels at shoulder level gripping and pulling apart hands until the 2nd crew arrived.

Split up onto groups.  2 guys run around circle while the rest build up the mound. Swap roles.

Mosey with shovels to the area west of the carillon for Touch a Tree.  Touch 3 trees, then 5, then 10 trees each time returning to starting position and planking.

Mosey to pullup bars and plant shovels.  Navigate the trail down the pipe to the road.  100 LBCs OYO.  Run up the pipe to the pullup bars and hold body aloft on parallel bars until all PAX arrive.

Down under pullups to failure on parallel bars.  Plank, 10x Merkins in Cadence.  Down under pullups to failure. Plank, 8x Merkins in Cadence.  Down under pullups to failure. Plank.

Mosey the area behind the amphitheater.  20 Donkey kicks on the stone wall followed by balls to the wall while we wait for all of the sleds to be gathered and the last 2 Pax to arrive.

Sledding on Jacob’s bowl.  Sled down, run up opposite side for 4 minutes.

Mosey back to flag for COT.


Unlike many workouts, the adventures began before the workout started.

YHC arrived on foot about 15 minutes early to Dogpile this morning to see one car in the lot waiting and a Woodfin truck, Swirly’s, leaving the AO (more on this later).  The other vehicle, belonging to Circle K was a nice shelter from the snow and ice while we waited for the rest of the Pax to arrive.  Circle K stopped by 7-11 on the way in and said the cashier was mystified that he was on his way to an outdoor workout.

Just before 6, Splinter and Honeydo arrived, and we started the workout on time with our shovelfest.

About 8 minutes in, a clown car of Saab, Lockjaw, Fudd, and Offshore pulled in and joined us.  TYA and Swirly came 40 minutes later and participated in the donkey kicks and sledding.

It turns out that Swirly had left the AO in order to rescue TYA, who had ended up in a ditch.  He didn’t make it very far from his house, only getting a few yards up his street before sliding off the road into a ditch.  TYA was the only one who braved the elements in a small, non 4×4 vehicle.  Foolhardy New Englander!  Anyway, using a tow strap Swirly eventually was able to pull him out and they were able to get his car back into the driveway.  He will get some grief from M TYA for this one.

Attire:  It was interesting to see how the PAX dressed for the snowy conditions.  Honeydo came robed in his military fatigues, but most PAX wore snow pants and ski gear as well as boots.  YHC wore running attire, running shoes and thick wool socks, which were great for mobility but NOT insulated enough once we stopped moving.  TYA came with plastic grocery bags tied around his ankles that inflated somewhat when the wind caught them just the right way.  Hmm.

Audibles.  YHC was not planning on running up and down the pipe due to darkness, but the snow made the trail completely visible, and beckoned to him.  Fudd did not approve of this decision, but we made it out okay, except for one spill.  Also, the pullup bars were slick with ice and impossible to grip, so we, at Fudd’s suggestion did down under pullups instead.

Spills.  Despite the slick conditions, only two PAX bit it during the workout as far as YHC is aware. Splinter took a fall on the trail, and YHC fell down a few feet from the flag at the end of the workout.

Fellowship.  The conditions were harsh, but everyone was in a good mood after the workout.  In fact, everyone stuck around for at least 15 minutes in the cold to catch up. At one point, we all realized how crazy we were and retreated to our cars.  Even YHC opted for a ride home–thanks Saab!

Crazy.  YHC’s M commented last night that “you’ve finally found a group of guys as crazy about working out as you.”  I concur and am still amazed that 10 of us showed in snow ice and wind.  This week should be a fun one too.

Announcements.  It looks like a group is meeting on Sunday at 7 at Tuckahoe Elementary for an impromptu workout. Check with Saab or TYA for details


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  1. Great Q, and backblast Sippy. I did not realize how sweaty we got until I took off my base layer at home.

  2. Very creative with the shovels. Nice Q Sippy! I have a ton of excuses why I did not post and none of them are good. Sorry I missed this one!

  3. Really sorry I missed this one, but the stomach bug got me. The upside is that pull ups should be easier now that I’m down 5 lbs. TYA, sorry I couldn’t come get you brother!

  4. Great job Sippy. The touch a tree with all the gear on and wading through the snow drifts were tough.

    Nice to have a little fellowship in the snow courtesy Sippy.

  5. THE Yankee Aggressor on

    Sippy, thanks for the workout. Disappointed I missed the first 45, but I got a good workout trying to save the #hybrid. Swirly kicks tail. Awesome rescue from F3 Corporate. As swirly said, they are there 365/7/24. Just call! Aye!

  6. Wow, sounds like a fun workout! Hoping to have a 4×4 next year to be able to participate in the next blizzard workout

  7. Oh by the way – the truck is awesome in the snow – so make sure to call F3 Corporate before the next storm and we will get you to the workout! Should you need to be pulled from a ditch TYA can rig that strap of his to your vehicle (I promise not to hit the gas this time – snap- sorry about that brother 🙂 …. F3 Corp 24/7/365