Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

They Say It’s Your Birthday…..


21 ventured out into the gloom the day before the snowpocalypse was scheduled to descend upon the Richmond.  Today’s workout was centered around all the random celebrity birthdays who celebrate January 21.  It went down like this:


SSH – 20

Arm Circles – 5 small, 5 large and repeato in reverse

Don Quixote – 15

Mosey off the AO and head a few blocks down to the hill at Malvern.

First Birthday Exercise – Emma Bunton (Baby Spice) did fire safety PSAs before being a Spice Girl.  Partner up and fireman carry/piggy back carry up the hill.  Perform Telly Savalas Dirty Dozen burpees (12 burpees).  Plank up or do LBCs.

Head back to the bottom of the hill and reverse partner roles – fireman carry up to the top again and perform 12 Stonewall Jackson Hand Release merkins.  Plank up.

Head back down the hill and then reascend the hill with Jam Master Jay Run DMC “Walk this Way lunges”.  Anyone wearing Adidas gets a head start – no takers.

Form two columns and make a Benny Hill Indian run back to the AO.

Behind the AO, break into four groups for Paul Allen Microsoft DOS.

D – Derkins

O – Overhead hang leg lifts

S – Squats

The fourth group runs to the first station cascading that group forward to the next station, etc.  Everyone completes all stations twice.

Center up on the blacktop for double Ring of Fire.  Perform 10 merkins and go round the ring with either a Billy Ocean Caribbean Queen crab walk or Jack Nicklaus golden bear crawl.

On your 6 for:

Rasputin Russian Twist – 20

Ethan Allen – Work those abs spelling “Fort Ticonderoga” in the air

Jonathan Quick – Called upon TYA, hockey enthusiast and New Endland native, to call the next exercise.  20 American Hammers

Offshore’s 2.0’s b-day – Offshore called 20 Freddy Mercuries

Back to the shovel flag where Swirly took us out.


The Pax’s expectation of a cadence-free spectacle was not met.  Oh well, maybe next time.  Lab Rat enjoys his Billy Ocean and seemed to recollect quite a bit of the song.

Welcome FNG Dreamsicle!  We hope to have you back soon.


With 100% chance of snow on the way, Pax with 4WD are offering shuttles in their respective areas to Saturday’s Dogpile.  Post in the backblast if you need a ride.

Stay Warm!


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  1. Heck of an improvement on the cadence Lockjaw – well done! Very creative Q… Atta Boy!

  2. I had your back on the cadence. Nice Q Lockjaw.

    Here’s some food for thought on Snowmageddon:

    – Benny Hill starred in Genesis’ music video “Anything She Does”.
    – Genesis 1:21 states: “So God created the great creatures of the sea and every living thing with which the water teems and that moves about in it, according to their kinds, and every winged bird according to its kind. And God saw that it was good.”
    – Lockjaw is a fan of sea creatures, with the occasional fishing escapade to celebrate HIS creation
    – Fudd gave Lockjaw his name because Lockjaw got a hook stuck in his thumb while fishing
    – Fudd is the ultimate EH’er, headlocking his contractor working on his house
    – Orange Dreamsicles are a classic piece of Americana

    Therefore, FNG Dreamsicle is only 6 degrees of separation from Benny Hill.

  3. Can’t believe Q remembered all those references without a Weinke. Enjoyed the BB because not all of them made sense to my gloom brain.