Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Pre Storm Jog


15 faithful and one FRNG (Friday Run New Guy) posted on a crisp January morning to exercise their body and minds. Weather was perfect for a run 24 degrees, 5mph wind and clear. Could certainly feel the upcoming snow in the air. Snowmeggedon we are ready for you.

The Thang:

Right onto Grove, follow Grove to the Boulevard and turn around. 4 mile loop, turn around at Wisteria, 5 mile loop turn around at Tuckahoe, 6 mile loop all the way to Three Chopt Road. All meet back at the shovel flag.

Naked Moleskin:

Several of the five milers took a loop around the quarter mile lap complaining that the five mile loop was not quite 5 miles. YHC was pretty confident that his route was accurate having scouted it several times and relying on his previous experience. I was so convinced that on my way to the office this morning I drove the route in the #hybrid so that I could gloat on the back blast that I was indeed correct and the the loop was a true 5 miles. Well……. Let’s just say that the route was a bit shy of the 5 mile advertised distance. Apologies to the group, I will remeasure for accurate distance next time.

Rosie made it out the the Friday run for the first time. He is thinking about committing to the BRR and wanted to see where his running legs where given a previous injury. All went well today and I am hoping that he can do the BRR with the team. He would be a great addition. Splinter posted for the first time in my memory for a Friday run. He claimed he was there to train for the BRR, might be a bit early, but better early than late. Weird not to see Sippy and Bleeder out there on a Friday morning.

Couple of late comers this morning. Loose Goose called me at 515 for a preview of the route this morning because he was running a few minutes behind. He got to the start right as we were leaving. Cirlce K appeared on the route about 10 minutes or so into the run. He made a lucky guess and hit grove toward boulevard and found the crew.

Workout tomorrow at GridIron and Dogpile. Playing in the snow in as a middle aged man is as fun as when you were a kid. Post, have some fun out there in the snow. Sippy says to bring snow shovels for the workout at DogPile.


Splinter to tweet out the instructions for F3 cancellation/announcements regarding snow closings etc. Look for that in the next few hours.

BRR team is filling up. Grab a spot now. It is a blast and attainable for anyone who does F3 on a regular basis. Prior to last year Swirly had never done a 10k and slayed his three legs at the BRR last year. Remember, F3 Corporate is counting on you!!!


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  1. THE Yankee Aggressor on

    Thanks for the run gentlemen. Enjoyed it, can lay on the couch guilt free for the rest of the day.

  2. I agree TYA. Great run today. Great to see all the guys so early. Nice to go back to an old school run.

  3. Rosie and I talked about BRR while running together, he says he will only go if he gets a Mountain Goat leg…

  4. This is very well said by my F3 Corporate colleague TYA!
    Every run from now on is training for the BRR right Splinter (another of my F3 Corp colleague’s by the way)….. Come on and join in Rosie your head and heart will be glad you did – your body maybe not so much… Offshore I’m talking to you too bro….. Yep weird not seeing Sippy and Bleeder this morning… Thanks for running with me today Wilson – nice pace at the turn towards the home stretch – your in for the BRR right dude? – BT had a great time today ( he’s in even if we gotta pick him up on the way) Honeydo was rolling this morning – atta baby…. Splinter, Marv, and Saab came in to the finish line @ a blistering pace – so All I have to say is watch out Christmas team – freaken F3 Corporate is coming and I have a file on you SOB’s !!!! Aye….

  5. The mountain called, snow, snow, snow as far as the eye can see, be careful drive safe; Sounded like a great run today,

  6. I missed you guys this morning, I’m fighting off a head cold and slept in. But I’ll be out there tomorrow morning. In addition to a shovel, bring a sled.