Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Tuesday, Bloody, Tuesday



15 of the faithful appeared in the Gloom for a beatdown at noToll. Here’s how it went down.


Short Mosey to the Basketball Court


10X Merkins

50X LBC’s

30X Don Quixote

30X Imperial Walkers

4 Corners for 30 minutes

every corner 20X Merkins, 30X Box Cutters, 50X LBCS

Lunge,  Crab walk & Bear Crawl between each corner

Then a Quick game of PACMAN

Short Mosey back to the Shovel Flag

3 Minutes of Mary

40X LBCs

40X Bama Prom Date

Ricky Bobby took us out in the COT



As YHC arrived at the AO, and cranked the tunes from PANDORA,  U2’s Sunday, Bloody, Sunday was heard;  Swirly upon hearing the song said, how appropriate for a Bleeder Q. YHC did plan to take this Q,  It’s been exactly two years since the “Bleeder incident.”  YHC is happy at this point to be able to walk( & bear crawl)  Thanks to all you guys for continuing to grow F3 like you have! YHC would not be any where close to physically normal;  OK,  Normal is definitely a relative term here.

Sippy approached YHC as the PAX was starting to gather wondering, given YHC lack ability to shake prolonged knee injuries, if we were going to run much.  Sippy looked slightly dismayed with my response that we would run, but not very far.  YHC assured him that there would be plenty of activity;  however, it should be noted that no one in the PAX was wearing short; most must have expected little activity and dressed accordingly.

Thanks to TYA for announcing to the PAX that YHC birthday was yesterday.  Another year older & wiser perhaps, but still no respect like TYA and Ricky Bobby!

Lug Nut made Circle K look early as they both arrived in LIFO fashion.

PACMAN was a good change of Pace,  Sippy first introduced the concept to YHC at Dogpile.  YHC adapted it for the noToll crowd!

SOT – DK Q— something about wooden spoons….

Hump Day Happy Hour this Wednesday at Postbellum – DK is also the Q —- more wooden spoon stories…  Times for most 5-7,  some may arrive earlier.


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  1. Great Q with the compact area used. I was smoked, I even got a little overheated with all that gear on.

  2. The boxcutter bonanza has definitely left a mark, although my form started to resemble something that looked more like leg circle swings than box cutters. Also it needs to be noted that DK has a very effective bear crawl stutter step when being pursued. Nice Q, Bleeder!

  3. That was a nice version of the Pacman exercise, Bleeder. And that was the toughest 4 corners I have ever experienced. At several points today I thought my stomach was getting upset–then I remembered it was all of those box cutters! I can’t wait until tomorrow when the pain really sets in. Very tough. Solid Q!

  4. Yes indeed a very appropriate song to begin the workout Bleeder – your efforts towards recovery over the last year have certainly been inspirational – way to push yourself and choose not to be a sad clown but to rise up, focus, dedicate yourself, and lead – Aye!
    That workout crushed my abs and I had nightmares about those damn box cutters… I like BT was doing some sort of circle box cutter by the end .. One of these days I’ll catch up to the rest of the pax on the bear crawls and crab walks – I’m the 6 on those every time 🙂
    See ya’ll in the gloom!

  5. Great Q, Bleeder. Earthworm would have been proud of the total distance covered.
    TYA has the greatest tapered snow pants ever.