Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Punisher lives up to its name….


10 Faithful posted for a beatdown in the windy cold at Punisher.  Here’s how it went down:

Mosey around the school to the back left corner for COP:
Burpee x 1 OYO
SSH x 20 IC
Burpee x 2 OYO
Don Quixote x 20 IC
Burpee x 3 OYO
Merkins x 10 IC
Burpee x 4 OYO
LBC’s x 20 IC
Burpee x 5 OYO
Mountain Climbers x 10 IC
Burpee x 6 OYO
Spiderman step up with reach x 15 IC
Burpee x 7 OYO
Hello Dolly x 20 IC
Burpee x 8 OYO
Slow bending squat x 15 IC
Burpee x 9 OYO
Flutter kicks x 20
Burpee x 10 OYO

Mosey back to the parking lot & partner up. First man does exercises while second runs to the “No littering” sign in the back left corner of the AO and back to parking lot. Switch and repeato until all exercises are completed:
Merkins x 50
Spiderman step ups with reach x 100
Slow bending squats x 200
Flutter kicks x 300
when finished, do LBC’s until last team is done

Mosey to the playground in the back of the school to turn our arms to jello:
With the same partner, take turns doing assisted pullups. Each man does 10 pullups each and then both men do 20 LBC’s each. Rinse and repeat until each man has done 50 pullups.

Mosey back to the flag for Numberama, Namerama, and COT.


In preparation for today’s beatdown, YHC harkened back to long ago when I did my last Q. I admit it has been too long, as graduate school has sapped whatever limited brain power I would have otherwise have had to devote to conceiving diabolical ways to deliver beatdowns to the devoted PAX of Richmond. I remembered that the burpee ladder at COP was a great way to start a workout, and I was rewarded by a few whispers of mumble chatter this AM as we progressed through one of the harder COP’s that F3 can deliver. In YHC’s defense, the wind was whipping that cold air and I couldn’t really feel my buttocks by the time we finished our warm up jog, so I felt that we should bypass the standard warm up COP and jump right in to a full fledged beatdown, if for no other reason than to get warm fast! And I must say that this PAX responded with vigor! I had expected MUCH more mumble chatter than was actually heard, but about halfway through the COP I realized that without TYA or Toga there, and with me being Q (I can’t bitch about my own workout) the usual “mumble chatter” would probably not be heard. Despite TYA’s absence, it was observed that having Lockjaw there for the SSH’s was almost like having TYA, although it was less like a stork having a stroke (Toga’s description), and more like a walrus on the docks of San Francisco Bay, waving at the tourists for some tasty morsel to be thrown his way.  Heavy breathing was in abundance as the Burpees increased towards the magic #10, and the PAX pounded out each exercise with the power and confidence only seasoned F3 veterans can display.

I’m not sure what to call the second round of exercises in the parking lot, although I do remember the first time I did them was at a Chumbucket Q at this AO. Jack Sparrow called it “the Murph”, although YHC admits complete ignorance as to why it should have been called that. If the PAX were tired after a hellish COP, no one showed it. Each man attacked the exercises with abundant energy and pounded out the runs to the sign as if TYA himself was there whispering jabs and insults into each man’s ear.

After the last flutter kick was completed, there was just enough time left for one more evolution. YHC remembered someone mentioning recently that we don’t do enough pullups each week (maybe Swirly or Sippy?), so it was off to the playground to devote whatever energy we had left to making our “guns” bigger for the enjoyment of the M’s in our lives. YHC had to dig deep on that last set up pullups, and I think I remember BT talking about needing to “get angry” to pound out his last set. YHC was indeed proud to lead this group of men, as no one complained or displayed any signs of being too tired to continue, even though YHC layed down the hardest beatdown he could come up with. These are strong men, AYE!!

Everyone agreed that Lockjaw needs to clean his brand new silver BMW 535i, as it looks like he drove it through a field of mud on the way to the AO this morning.  Perhaps a lesson from Bleeder is in order on how to maintain the appearance of our expensive rolling toys…..


Hump Day Happy Hour this Wednesday at Postbellum – DK is Q – Hope to see you all there!

Bleeder is Q tomorrow at No Toll — the temp in the AM is forecasted to be around 12 degrees so layer up!


Fudd out


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  1. The 2nd exercise was the first exercise I did at F3 back in the day. That was the day Fudd picked me up and jammed to Iggy Azalea all the way to Punisher. Follow that with Chum leading us in a 1k/5k and I was toast. Not sure we did 1k or 5k today but it was a great throwback.

    Nice work Fudd. I enjoy a Fudd Q even it if it is a rare occurrence. Loved the pain in COP.

  2. Solid Q Fudd – well done buddy… We warmed up fast with those burpees.. Felt those flutter kicks during the partner run… Yes way to bring in some pull ups at the end – aye!!
    See y’all in the gloom….

  3. Definitely a good Q to keep the blood pumping. The wind was brutal when it kicked up. The pull ups, while tough, were welcomed. Great job!

  4. Great beatdown Fudd. I especially liked the progressive burpees during the COP (when I say “liked”, I mean they painfully sucked).

  5. THE Yankee Aggressor on

    Agreed Toga, if he becomes a master of something, I will be scared. In my defense, my ssh’s are now almost normal. Sorry I missed the beatdown Fudd, sounds awesome. Can’t wait for lockjaw pounding out the cadence on Thursday!