Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Trail Run with Snowflakes


4 Pax showed up for this morning’s edition of the RVA trail run.  Still dark at 7:00, but we followed a couple non-Pax (including Toga’s BIL) out into the gloom, testing our concentration skills.  Although Offshore rolled an ankle, that wasnt until later, so we cant blame the darkness on that (hope it’s good, Offshore).

We ran out North Bank, across to Belle Isle, and back on Buttermilk.  Snow flurries started as we picked up Buttermilk, and were really coming down as we finished.  Quite the morning to run, one of those mornings that YHC is happy that he has the ability to be out on the trails.  Final tally:  6.85 miles according to Garmin.

Nothing to really report other than the snow.  Everybody was in good spirits and ran strong.  YHC believes he didnt say anything too blue or outlandish that would require noting.

Finished up with a quick COT that could have gone a little faster, but we started the count with Saab, whose struggles with numbers continues.

Great run, gentlemen.  Always fun!



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  1. THE Yankee Aggressor on

    Great job guys. Missed being there.

    I’m starting to think Fudd only post when I’m not there?

  2. That’s what I get for accusing Lab Rat of falling down all the time. Great to be back out with y’all.

  3. Run across the bridge with a backdrop of snowfall and morning fog made it more than worthwhile. Thought about those in the Frostbite 15K…great day for such a race! Hope all went well.