Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

“It’s a Frickin’ Triangle People…”


20 strong gathered at Mary Munford – about 1 for each degree it was above zero…

The Thang:
Mosey to far corner of school grounds along Grove.
Side Straddle Hop x 20
Don Quixotes x 10
Imperial Walker Squat x 10
Merkin x20
LBC x20

Mosey to Field. Break into 2-4 groups (depending upon number). Each group advances to a different corner (i.e. station).
Station one: Complete 10 Burpees. Run to next station*
Station two: Burpees x 10, Merkins x 20. Run to next station*
Station three: Burpees x 10, Merkins x 20, WWII Situps x 20. Run to next station*
Repeat ….until Q says stop or 2 rounds (or rather triangles) completed:
*Advance from station to station by running diagonal, then running to the right along the perimeter – thus forming a triangle.

Plank up in center of field. Circle of fire. Complete 10 merkins, then Bear Crawl around circle until back in original position.
Line up facing far end of field. Break up into groups of about 5 each. Group planks up extending across field about 6 feet apart. Person in back does alternating bear crawl (under) and jump (over) each member in line…indian style until entire field is traversed.
Mosey back to flag:
American Hammers x20
Superman x 1

Most showed up in long pants, while a few die-hards arrived in shorts. Those who couldn’t decide (DK), showed up in both (British-style we supposed). Saab was not coordinated enough to perform the Imperial Walker Squats, but he gave it his best attempt. He also understands now it is NOT Russian Twist but American Hammer (in the parlance of our times…). Ground was way too cold and resulted in many frozen appendages, and a few receded-ones I imagine.

Started out with a lofty goal of 7 iterations of the triangle, but realized quickly we needed to scale down to only two in the interest of time, exhaustion, and potential frost bite on the fingers. Toga complimented Saab on his VQ. Saab reminded Toga it wasn’t his first, which either meant he was terrific on his second go-around, or his first time was that forgettable and it ended in a whimper. Bear crawls were equally as painful…frozen ground was described as crawling on rocks or gravel. Some said they even saw imprints from the Christmas Eve splashdown/mudfest.

Anyway, learned not to ask somebody why they got to bed late the night before (DK). I didn’t consider the handcuffs or the spoon.

Rock on TYA, Lockjaw… I’ll work to hit the trail run on Sunday, albeit in a conservative fashion.

The Saabinator abides.


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  1. THE Yankee Aggressor on

    Great Q. I thought I heard 7iterations at the beginning and thakfully it didn’t come to pass. 60 burpees were plenty. Saab, agreed that DK gave us too much info. Never look at his wife again the same

  2. Way to work on the upper body Saab, no wonder Aisle 5 has that man crush. And for those of us in shorts thanks for the skinned knees from the low crawls.

  3. Honey Do (RVA), in Saab’s defense, he said bear crawl, not slide into third!

    Good Q Saab, way to work on your counting!

  4. Great Q Saab! The tire tracks on the field looked very similar to a Land Rover’s wheel base, It would have been impressive had they been “donuts” ( I guess those are reserved for the parking lot at noToll). Totally unrelated; Anyone know why Wilson’s car was covered in mud????

  5. That was exactly my reaction. I thought it was 7 single stations. @Saab, you originally intended us to do 210 burpees plus all of that other stuff? Wow.