Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Was There a Game On Last Night ?


14 strong went ahead and  got out of the fartsack this morning to take on No Toll!

Mossy  to the back parking lot – COT: 20 SSH, 15 Windmills, 10 IW, 50 LBC’s

Mossy to the field – Triple Check : Teams of 3 –  Run forward to the sideline and backward back to the side line – Flutter kicks, Dips on the bench – 3 rotations..

Mossy to the parking lot – Four Corners in the parking lot: Split up in groups starting in each corner. Corner 1- 15 Pole Smokers – Corner 2- 20 Merkins – Corner 3- Jumper Squats – Corner 4 10 Burpees.   4 rotations..

Indian run around all of the fields and back to the flag.

Ring of Fire : 10 merkins each – holding plank – Superman song with a  a long 20 count!


When the second car pulling into No Toll was a cop @ 5.22 YHC thought well it may just be me and Bleeder this morning but as usual the flood gates opened at 5;25 and the pax rolled in… Rosie still rockin the shorts in 26 degree weather and others bundled up like they were in the North Pole..

As you all know YHC is a member of the F3 Corporate Executive Team and I know who shows up to workout and who does not – make no mistake – I keep a record/file of this info in my head 🙂 and oh  yes TYA and Bleeder have a spreadsheet as well !! F3 Corporate Baby!

The pax quickly waremd up with the quick triple check and moved right into the 4 corners (no breaks in a Swirly Q).. Very proud of the pax for attacking the 4 corners burpee’s and all…

The Indian run lead by Bleeder and his Bike was exactly as challenging as YHC thought it would be…. Bleeder started out at a nice crisp pace and the pax really had to push it to get up in front… Many thanks to Splinter for checking back and recovering our buddy FlashDance . It was so dark out there if a man went down we would have had a hard time finding him..

In typical Swirly Q fashion we ended with a nice ring of fire and the pax crushed it – well done fella’s!

Announcements :

BRR – It’s coming up soon – time to commit,  prep, and plan – if you are interested see TYA!

HumpDay Happy Hour : DK is taking the lead and says he will be arriving @ 4 – and will most likely be 3 beers in before the  pax arrive  see him for details…

New AO ? : If you are interested in starting a new AO (Like In Mechanicsville” LabRat/Circle K” Fudd @ UofR  go for it – questions see Bleeder)

Great work today guys – see y’all in the Gloom!





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  1. Great Q, Swirly. I was beat by the end of those 4 corners!

    HDHH next week, Jan 20 @ Postbellum in the Fan (1323 W Main St).
    Their happy hour runs from 3:30-6pm. I’ll be there at 4pm.
    Half price on all Virginia craft beers on tap.

  2. Admirable, boys. I watched that damn game to the end and wasn’t moving at all when the alarm went off.