Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

The road to pull-up improvement


22 faithful piled out of their cars in the gloom. All were certainly hopeful for the opportunity to run the Horseshoe, but were instead treated to a different type of beatdown. Here’s YHC’s best recollection of how it went down:

Mosey to far corner of school grounds along Grove.

Warmup COP
SSH x25
8-count Merkins (4 down, count, 4 back up) x20
IW x25
LBCs x25

Mosey to the track. Circuit at 4 stations. Break into 4 groups & do the following. Rotate counter clockwise once your group is done with the station. Do each station 2x
NW corner: 20 dips on parallel bars
SW corner: 10 burpees
SE corner: 10 pull-ups (with help as needed)
NE corner: 10 chin-ups (with help as needed)

Meet at NW corner. 6 Minutes of Mary
Hello Dolly x??
Superman x2
Alabama Prom date x20

Mosey to Soccer fields. Line up on north baseline for Ark Loader:
– Bear Crawls: min halfway, and run the rest. Plank up at other side.
– Lunges: ”
– Crab Walks: ”
– Partner Leap Frog: ”

Mosey back to starting stations of Circuit. Repeat circuit, but upon completion of each station run 3/4 of the way around track to your next station.


YHC kept forgetting to post the BB, but it’s here now. Bring on the #mumblechatter.

This workout was born out of need for improvement on pull-ups. Time to get the pull-up bar out of the attic for 2016 improvement. Are any of you setting a fitness goal for this year? YHC has decided to target ability to do 20 consecutive pull-ups by year end, and strive to do 200 workouts — F3 and otherwise — in 2016. Feel free to post yours below and/or share them with the PAX so we can push each other.

(Complete by now) @Offshore’s Lego Land & Marathon in FL

Bring any proposals for new workouts (existing or new AO). New year, growing RVA PAX, time to continue our expansion!


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    • I was trying to remember I was sore all weekend, but didn’t think I worked out. Glad to hear I did, makes sense now!

      Great job, Goose. That was a tough one.

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