Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Merry Roll Tide Eve?


11+1 gathered for a non-football themed #Punisher beatdown. Quick half lap around the AO before circling up for COP. Here’s how it went down:

– Arm Circles 10 small, 5 large. Forward and backwards IC
– Merkin x 10 IC
– Don Quixote x 15 IC
– Wide Merkin x 10 IC
– Side Straddle Squat x 15 IC
– Close Merkin x 10 IC
– American Hammer x 20 IC
– Hand Release Merkin x 10 IC

The Thang:
Mosey to the bus loop. No curb crawls this time. Bear crawl indian run. Line up head to toe in plank. Person in the back bear crawls to the front of the line and planks. Cycle continues until the end of the loop is reached.

Proceed to basketball court to commence escalating 4 corners. Corners are burpees, squat jumps, CDD, LBCs.
– 1st iteration was around the basketball court with 5/10/20/30 of each exercise. 20 PLTs when complete.
– 2nd iteration was half-way down the back road, across to the school, to the bus loop, and back to the far corner. 10/15/25/35 of each exercise. Karaoke between stations. 25 PLTs when complete.
– 3rd iteration was the full loop around the AO. 15, 20, 30, 40 of each exercise. 30 PLTs when complete

Mosey back to the flag to be reunited with lost PAX member and finish off with a few minutes of mary
– Flutter kicks x 20 IC
– Hello dolly x 20 IC
– 1 count of superman followed by a 20 count

YHC is used to seeing Fudd show up as a LIFO; however, today was the first time we have had a LIFO show up during the final minutes of Mary. Apologies to Flipper for not being able to locate us today in a rather contained AO for his 1st boot camp workout.

Lab Rat attempted to entice the Q to an audible during the second 4 corners by suggesting a backwards run between stations. It was a close call but we stuck with karaoke. A backwards run through the moon craters next to the farm house would have likely been a terrible result to all.

Nice job to all.

– There are a few Q spots this week. Sign up.
– Honey Do has a free pass for the Frost Bite 15k. Ping him if you or anyone else is interested.
– Congrats to Offshore for finishing the Disney Marathon.

As I’m typing this Bama just missed wide right. Go Tigers!

Splinter out.



  1. Moon craters is right. Ankle breakers everywhere. Toga may be breaking things right now.