Saturday, September 30
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Where is TYA?


7 strong (no TYA) and 1 FNG posted to Gridiron on a relatively warm 44 degree morning and the rain held off.  Here is how it went:

Mosey to upper field for COP: 30 SSH, 12 Merkins, 25 Flutterkicks, 25 IPs, 20 Richard Kimballs

Mosey to bus lane for:  Curb Crawls.  1 up to 8 Merkins

Mosey to main field to bleachers for:  Chiabattas    Alternating – Muscle Ups & Box Jumps

Grab a bench for: 10 Decline Merkins , 20 Dips.  Repeato x4

Mosey to front of School for Triple Check – Run , Plank, Wall Sits

Mosey to lower field for:  PLTs – 25 each partner, Repeato x4.  Finish with 10 slowcount merkins

Mosey back to front of school for:  Donkey Kick Burpees – 3 Donkey kicks then do a burpee. x10

Mosey back to flag for some Mary:  100 LBCs, 30 Alabama Prom Dates, 20 Mountain Climbers

Earthworm led us out in prayer.  Jville tried to rename all the PAX


Good work today men.  YHC arrived early to check the field conditions, which although soggy were not too bad for some field work.  At 45MoM on Thursday TYA told YHC he would be in attendance for a Honeydo Q but alas he apparently fartsacked.  If this continues YHC may develop a complex.

Tclaps to Wilson for the double dip, while Chum Bucket tried a new option – the half dip as he arrived 20 min in.  Upon seeing Chum arrive there was some quick calculations by the PAX on how he could DD so quickly, alas he was a LIFO. Better to LIFO than fartsack!

The derkins/dips after the Chiabattas smoked the PAX, including YHC.  The PAX were challenged with the donkey burpees, those will have to make an appearance at Dogpile soon.

Good work by White Deer (renamed from Pre per JVille) on his 2nd post and by Exile on his first post.  Jville insisted on the renaming Groh to Atilla the Hun.  YHC will leave it up to the Gridiron regulars to enforce the name change or keep it to Groh.

Afterwards at Coffee YHC learned that White Deer has some great stories and that Earthworm does not know how to comment on a Backblast, even though he has authored many a BB.  When YHC left Wilson was providing a tutorial to Earthworm.  We’ll see if it worked. Coffee after Gridiron is always a great start to the weekend.

Go Redskins!



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  1. Great job Honey Do! The coffee time is my most enjoyable part of the double dip. Earthworm should be all good!

  2. No comment; actually I must: well done Q Honey Do – the gridirons are aplenty at GridIron and you made fine use of them. Welcome back Wilson.

  3. Glad to see your comment Earthworm. I was mulling including something in the BB to incite a response comment, glad I did not have to resort to such measures.

  4. THE Yankee Aggressor on

    Honeydo, guilty as charged. Fartsack was far too appealing this Saturday AM. Sounds like a great beatdown from you as usual.