Wednesday, February 28
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Mileage May Vary


15 faithful and one FNG came out for a run in perfect running weather.

Today’s routes were encoded in clues provided to the groups covering the respective distances.  This kept folks together for the most part to solve various riddles or just pay attention to street signs.  Overall, the route went down Malvern to TJ, then heading east and weaving to Floyd.  Heading west on Floyd, the 4 and 5 mile options separate with the 4s going back to the shovel flag and the 5s taking a detour through Windsor Farms.

Marv took us out in the COT.


YHC will print in larger font next time for those reading on the fly and maybe throw in additional challenges.  No one took the 6.2 route, so we have that waiting.

I was also pleased that everyone made it back to the shovel flag.  Welcome FNG Udder!  We hope to see you post again soon.


-Good Luck to Offshore in the weekend’s Disney Marathon!

-HDHH is coming up on the 20th.  DK had mentioned Post Bellum, so perhaps he will Q that event.

-TYA is looking to form this year’s Blue Ridge Relay team.  See him for information.

-Lab Rat has an 8 miler trail race in mind next month.  See him for details.



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  1. Good job fella’s – few ibuprofen and some sports cream on the ole back, and knee’s and I’m back in the game baby! Thanks for helping me stretch it out @ the finish Aisle 5.. Welcome Udder.
    See Y’all in the gloom….

  2. Full disclosure, Lockjaw may have appeared to know what was going on, but TYA’s knowledge of Windsor Farms was required to get us back to the flag. This hearkens back to getting lost in Scott’s Addition when we only had two blocks between breweries. If Lockjaw wasn’t such a well established name, I would put forward a motion for rename = Captain Peter “Wrongway” Peachfuzz:

  3. I enjoyed the route! Good to see different parts of the city in the Gloom, and the history lesson was a bonus. I could have sworn someone said we were having breakfast at Bleeder’s though.

  4. During mile 5 I was really upset I woke up. It was a hard mile but now I am happy I left the fart sack. Looking forward to a solid morning tomorrow with a double dip.