Wednesday, February 28
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Tractor Tire brings a couple smaller friends to Punisher


12 Faithful and 2 FNG posted in the gloom for the first 2016 edition of #The Punisher.  The Pax was greeted with more seasonable winter temps in the low 30s.  We went straight to work and here is how it went down:

Mosey to area beside school building


SSH x 25 IC

Don Quiote x 20 IC

Mountain Climbers x 20 IC

LBCs x 25 OYO

Mosey to BBALL court

Suicides followed by 25 LBCs -Repeato x 3

Mosey to Soccer Field and partner for Progressive Stations:

Station 1 – Carry tractor tire across soccer field and back

Station 2 – LBCs until time to switch

Station 3 – Sprint across soccer field dragging car tire rope around waist

Station 4 – WWII situps until time to switch

Station 5 – Sideways run across soccer field and backwards run back

Repeato X 3

Mosey to Bus Loop for Indian Bear Crawl from one end of the Bus Loop to the other side.  Complete when one of the PAX touches curb.

Mosey back to soccer field for Partner Double check:

One partner run diagonal across soccer field and completes Burpees x 5 / while other partner performs Dips and Derkins on Tractor Tire – Repeato X 2

Mosey to Virtual Shovel Flag

COT – YHC took us out with prayer as the 11th Day of Christmas began.

It was great to see the PAX going after it on the first day back in the regular routine after the Holidays for many of us.  YHC wanted to mix in some LBCs into the beatdown for those of us that have accepted the January Challenge of 10000 LBCs.  Mission Accomplished.  YHC also found some car tires in the crawl space (I do not know why they were there), but they seemed to be a good compliment to the Tractor Tire.  YHC will have to look in the crawl space for some more items that may contribute to a good beatdown.  There was some mumblechatter during the Double Check to close the beatdown and YHC was definitely feeling the burn as we concluded.

YHC called an audible after the beatdown this morning regarding Slow Learner F3 Name.  Audible called to Darth Vader and he posted to his first F3 workout sporting the Darth Vader shirt.  Always go with your gut and Darth Vader it is.  Welcome Darth Vader.  Welcome also to Monkey Wrench.  Hope to see you both in the gloom for a return beatdown in the near future.

Good work today fellas – Great way to start the week.

Announcements – Regular workouts this week/ Toga has Kettlebell workout planned for NoToll.  Bring your Kettlebell/Dumbbell if you have one.

Good luck to Offshore on his upcoming marathon this weekend.

Circle K



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  1. Yeah, but it’s OK. My legs were numb by then and I barely felt it.

    On another note, great job this morning on the beatdown, Circle K! Also, a good audible on the name change. I for one am happy to finally get a name to stick on somebody Hope you like it, Monkey Wrench.

  2. I did not realize Lab Rat was involved in a hit and run. We will have to check Bleeder license for operating a mountain bike.

  3. To be clear: I am not a certified or trained to be a Bike rider, this is just you vs. you; however, in this case it was Mountain Bike vs Lab Rat. Glad you were ok Lab rat. Again, Sorry about that.

    Good call on the DV/SL name change, welcome, and Welcome Monkey Wrench! Could call him Bavarian Monkey Wrench(BMW)

  4. I saw the Doctor yesterday after the crash, he said “Your neck is fine, he hit you in the leg. Quit being a pansy.”

    Now, if you would have run over me during the bear crawl, that would have likely brought a different result. Seriously, who can bear crawl faster than they can ride a bike (besides an actual bear)?

  5. Well done Circle K !
    Glad you are okay Lab Rat – Bleeder can hall ass on that bike….