Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

BT Doesn’t Think He Posted?


As one of our illustrious brethren from NC once commented, “I think I worked out, but I’m not sure because there is no backblast.”  Enter Brain Tumor who is not sure he posted for DogPile yesterday till he can read about it/see his name in lights.

16 posted for lovely morning at DogPile with a split Q between Wilson and Toga.  Wilson was kind enough to give YHC part of the Q to harken back to the DogPile days of old.


Quick mosey around the VITA and back to the circle for COP: SSH, Imperial Walkers, Side Tri Press, Merkins, LBCs

Partner up and mosey to bars for pull-up circuit: 5 pulls, 10 decline merkins, 10 hanging leg lifts, 10 dips: repeato x4

Pass to Toga and mosey down Love Hill to the pump house rd.  Stay with partner for alternating runs to sign near pump house while partner executes broad jump burpee, walkout merkin, lunges. After everyone made it to the sign we went back the other way with the partners executing bear crawls, crawl bears, and side bears.

Mosey back up hill to the flag for Mary: flutter kicks, American Hammers, LBCs

COT: Wilson did a solid taking us out.

NMM:  Apparently BT needs to read the BB to see if he was mentioned.  YHC would like to submit that we rename BT Mirror Mirror or Rupert (for Rupert Murdoch).  The writing of this post also benefited from Wilson’s weinke.., that’s right, Wilson had the warm-up COP well documented in case he forgot SSH.

The PAX did a great job today on what was a fairly busy little workout around the facilities at DogPile.  While we did not do the official Love Hill installment that YHC planned, the PAX should plan to wear headlights till mother earth grants us an earlier sunrise.  Speaking of sunrise, Fudd managed to miss the run, and Goldberg managed to make Fudd look early.  Do we need to consider moving the time back for this workout?

Bleeder herded the PAX on his bike and kept Pele moving.  Apparently Pele has been going to the TYA school of SSH and may need some help unlearning that technique.

Offshore made for a jaunty figure in his new VCU running shirt and designer running pantaloons.  It should be noted that following several comments about how good this looked Offshore decided to pick up the pace.  Re attire, special thanks to Aisle 5 and Goldberg for keeping all their outfits on throughout, and following, the workout.


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  1. I’m glad that I was able to at least give you a BB title. That last hill was murder. And here I was thinking that I had been relatively good over the holidays.

  2. I know Offshore was there, we were joking about Saab driving up during the COT,

    TYA has been working with Pele on his SSH, apparently it puts less stress on the back,

  3. Toga great backblast. Also enjoyed the audible on love hill. Still struggle with that damn bear crawl.

  4. Is there a backblast Hall of Fame? I cant imagine Toga wrote that for entertainment purposes only. Solid, nonetheless.