Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Working off the ham…


A nifty nine showed for this week’s offering of #ThePunisheRVA.  We went after it like so:

Circle up for 25 x Imperial Walkers, 25 x Don Quixotes, 20 x Imaginary Jumpropes, and 15 x Arm Circles both forwards and in reverse.

Mosey to the back soccer field for the Merkin Ladder.  High Knees to one end of the field and knock out 20 Merkins, Side Skip back for 19 Merkins, then rinse and repeat until all the way down the ladder.

Stroll to the playground for a Pullup Ring of Fire.  PAX members circle around and hold Touchdown Al Gore while one guy knocks out 5 Pullups.  Go around one time.

Saunter to a nearby concrete pad for Dirty McDeuce.  Complete, in cadence, 12 x Carolina Dry Docks, 12 x Box Cutters, and 12 x Alabama Prom Dates.  Recover and count to 12.  Rinse and repeat three more times for four rounds total.

Zombie Walk around the edge of the school and line up in Plank position.  PAX member at the rear of the line Bear Crawls to the front followed by the next guy and so on until each have gone through twice.  Complete sets of LBCs and Squats while in line.

Quick final circle for stretching, then return to the ShovelFlag.


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