Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Happy New Year !


16 brave men arrived this warm New Years Eve morning to get their day started off right and finish the year strong! It was great to see a good turnout on a Holiday. I do have to mention it was weird not seeing Bleeder, TYA, and Brain Tumor – We usually see’s those dudes in the gloom – miss you guys travel back safely …

COT : 20 SSH, 10 windmills, 10 IW, 20 arm circles, 5 burpees

Four Corners : Full perimeter of MM running the sidewalks –  partner up with another guy of similar shape and strength corner 1 : 5 close grip merkins – run to  corner 2 : 10 derkins (partner hold feet at waist) run to  corner 3: 15 workins,run to – corner 4:  20 merkins – repeat three times.

Double check : Staying with your partner – Partner 1 dips on the tire while partner 2 runs to the pull up bars does 5 pull ups and runs back to switch with partner 1 on the dips.  Two rotations..

Mossy to the flag – 5 minutes of Mary : cross leg lifts 10 each leg. 10 Alabama Prom Dates, 2 rounds of superman.

Circle up… Numberama – names, announcements .

Marv took us out in style with a typical Marv style prayer with a thank you to God for the many blessings of 2015 and excitement and anticipation for the coming year as well as how grateful we all are for each other and for F3 (well said thanks Marv)..

The pax felt like hanging around for awhile after the workout with the weather being so nice and all.. Goldberg mentioned to YHC that I could maybe next time mix in some different exercises into the 4 corners… YHC explained he was well aware of that option but that it was very intentional that we merkin @ each station with the goal being to hardly be able to lift our arms at the end of the work out.. (mine were certainly shaking especially after the last set of pull ups)…  Honeydo mentioned he might have a little something special for the run tomorrow so come out and see for yourselves.. Splinter back from Ashville did not go back to his mountain (BRR) – still to fresh!) YHC totally understands Splinter… Oh yeah and Rosie said after talking to his wife yesterday that evidently more than one couple is coming over to his house tonight so he said what the heck –  PARTY @ his house tonight ! JK…

Great work this morning guys way to push it..  That four corners could be a full workout but YHC wanted to mix in a few more things 🙂

Run tomorrow – 5:30

Dogpile/Gridiron Sat morn 6 & 7

I wish you all a Happy New Year and look forward to working out with you every morning in 2016!




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  1. Nice Q Swirly. It was nice to be back out with the PAX after a week off. Glad to see the fields were still wet.

    I hope my arms can lift 12oz later because right now they are toast.

  2. Yeah glad to have you back out there Splinter we missed you. Well I’m still Qing till the run tomorrow so the exercise tonight is 12 12 ounce curls ! Remember what I said this morning it’s you against you push yourself but don’t hurt yourself – I’ll be right there with you 🙂

    Hey Wilson we missed you buddy – If I don’t see ya tomorrow @ the run I’ll see ya @ DogPile.

  3. Thanks for the audible down to 3 laps Swirly, that was a lot of running and my normal gloom shoes are still drying out from last week.
    And you forgot to mention Flashdance saying he has 45 and 55 lb kettlebells, PAX consider yourself warned…

  4. Yeah you bet Honeydo – seems alot of us were wearing there oldest shoes this week cause the normal ones are still soaked… Yeah thanks that’s right in preparation for upcoming kettlebell workouts FlashDance got some for Christmas that he is willing to bust out – couple large ones thanks flashdance please bring them along for the next kettlebell workout I’m sure Bleeder can put them to good use!

    Damn right Splinter! Enjoy fella’s

  5. I’m in on the Q’s orders of 12oz curls tonight especially with my extra company. Have a happy new year everyone. See you in the gloom in 2016. Thanks for the “hedge of protection” prayer Marv.